How To Create A Product Launch Video: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is A Product Launch Video?

If you're in the position where your brand is launching a new product, video content can help create a ton of buzz around your launch.

By telling the story behind your new product or teasing all the latest features, customers will be eager and excited to see what all the hype is about.

These are often pre-recorded videos or executed through live video. Either approach can generate amazing results.

Product Launch Video Key Takeaways

How Product Launch Video Works

A product launch video boosts the understanding of your new product and can get to the audience while they are ready to purchase.

Therefore, a high-quality product video represents a key way of encouraging product sales right from the time of launching.

Brands that produce product launch videos are increasingly finding new ways of showcasing the launch to their target customers.

The channels for showcasing product launch videos include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, IGTV, or even a Live Broadcast on Television

Like Product Demo videos, product launch videos boost consumers' interest and generate leads from highly qualified experts.

While a product launch video may seem to be an easy thing to do, you cannot achieve it overnight.

Ideally, product launch videos take time and effort and often require some level of experience to produce.

How To Maximize Audience During The Live Product Launch Video

If you are planning to use live video in product launch, you may be wondering how to grow an audience that will show up for the product launch.

Here are the top secrets that will create a warm and engaging audience for your next product launch video.

1. Attract Viewers From All Social Media Platforms

The goal of running a live video show is to maximize the audience and get as many people to know about the product you are launching.

Therefore, do not get biased and target just one platform.

Make sure you announce the live video on different platforms so that your followers do not miss out.

2. Show a Behind the Scenes Video

Everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes video. By displaying these videos, you want to create deep know-how and build trust/credibility. Here are some ideas for your behind the scenes video:

  • Show how the idea of the new product started
  • Include a preview of what is involved in making the new product
  • Host an office tour displaying the departments involved in the new product research and design

3. Organize a Product Sneak Preview

The product sneak peek is about making the viewers feel special and ready to attend the product launch event.

Give your audience a preview of an upcoming lead magnet, product, event, or podcast episode alerting the audience you have something really cool coming up.

You may record a video and post it on Instagram reels or Facebook stories.

4. Invite Email Subscribers To Tune In

Do not forget about your email list when announcing the product launch video.

Your email marketing campaigns could help increase the live video audience.

This is considering that email subscribers could share the product launch notification with others who are not in your email subscription.

Real-world Examples Of Brands Using Live Video During Product Launch

Here are cool examples of product launch videos for your inspiration

1. How Product Launch Video Helped Goodridge & Williams Distillers To Sell

When Goodridge & Williams Distillers came up with Nutrl Vodka soda, it faced a challenge gaining customer acceptance.

The consumers struggled to believe that the drink contained only Nutrl vodka, carbonated water, and natural lemon juice.

The brand wanted a way to get people to buy into what they were selling, which was that their product is something healthier than wines and beers containing artificial flavors and sweeteners.

They created playful videos targeting men and women who enjoyed vodka soda cocktails. With such a broad target market, the company ran its ads on TV and different social media platforms.

The campaign helped the drink become the fastest growing ready-to-drink vodka soda in Canada.

This example tells you everything you need to know when it comes to using video during product launches. People love product launch videos as they help them to build trust and credibility.

2. How Google Hosted a Successful Product Launch

On October 9th, 2018, Google hosted a product launch event named “made by Google”.

The event was in New York City but attracted a global audience. The campaign aimed at building brand awareness and announcing their new line of products.

In order to build awareness and ensure attendance from a wider audience, Google contacted many of the major media outlets who helped spread the news quickly.

The pre-launch announcement helped Google to build audience anticipation.

For Google, external media played a huge role in ensuring the news of the upcoming launches was delivered to their target audience.

While your startup may not have the same clout as Google, there are plenty of avenues you can pursue to ensure the success of your live product launch event.

For instance, you can publish on newsletters or even organize a pre-launch podcast, to let your customers and prospects know there is something big coming up.

How to Make a Product Launch Video

Organizing a successful product launch video can be an overwhelming experience. To ease the experience, follow these basic tips:

1. Answer The Product's 5Ws in your Launch Video

When making the launch video, make sure your video content explains the following: - What the product is - What is its use - Where to use the product - Who it is made for - Why the product can help the consumer

2. Leverage Storytelling to Engage the Audience

Do not just focus on talking about the product. Instead, include a storytelling approach.

For instance, you could explain what led to the designing of the particular product.

A story keeps people hooked to the video to its end.

3. Build Excitement

Creating hype around the product launch will tease your customer's curiosity.

A good rule of thumb is to strike a balance to keep the audience anticipating the upcoming products.

Therefore, creating excitement will capture attention and build suspense so that they will want to try the products.

4. Add a Clear Call to Action

Make sure it is clear what you want your audience to do. For instance, you could want them to purchase the products or to visit the website to fill an expression of interest form. A clear call to action increases the conversion rate.


Two-thirds of marketers leverage live streaming for marketing to their target audience. Streaming the product launch live on social media doubles your reach, and drives a lot of engagement. For the live product launch to become a success, follow the tips shared in this post.

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