How To Host An Effective Product Demo To Boost Sales

How To Host An Effective Product Demo To Boost Sales

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Organizing live product demos via social media channel is a cost effective strategy

What Is A Product Demo?

The product demo is a technique for introducing or promoting the products to a potential customer base.

Organizing a live product demo gives your company a unique opportunity to highlight the value of your product to prospective customers.

According to statistics, Viewers can retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video format as compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Therefore, a perfectly executed product demo promotes your product sales and brand awareness.

Product Demo Key Takeaways

  • An educative, interactive, and demonstrative live product video gains viewer's trust and interest.
  • Communicating the product features via video helps to capture and retain the user’s attention for a longer period.
  • Live product video allows the business to demonstrate the product in action using animation, graphics, and imagery.
  • Organize live product demos to raise product awareness and engage the users organically.

Understanding How Live Product Demos Work

The goal of marketing is to cut through the noise and competition. Live product demo offers you a chance to outdo the competition.

If you do it right, a live product demo can help to boost sales and promote brand awareness.

The live product demo aims at highlighting various product features, illustrate use-cases and communicating value to the prospects.

Besides, Hosting an effective product demo provides you an opportunity to prove your claims. When potential customers see what your product can do with their own eyes, they will be convinced that you are offering products of value.

A live product demo gives you an opportunity to personalize the presentation for your viewers.

Real-World Examples of Successful Live Product Demos

1. Beauty Bakerie

Cashmere Nicole the CEO and Co-Founder at Beauty Bakerie, understands the power of live video product demonstration.

In this video, she highlights the recently launched product and shares the video with her social media followers. Cashmere demonstrates to her fans and prospects how to apply makeup. By applying the makeup on her face and on live video, Cashmere drives product trust and credibility.

2. Slack

Slack uses a live product demo to explain to users how teams can communicate using their products. In the video, the explainer highlights the exciting features and the benefits of using those features.

The video helps to break down the misconception that Slack is only for direct. The explainer demonstrates how to use slack to track projects, store files, and collaborate.

How To Start Using Live Product Demos

  • Research your prospects enough to be able to tailor the demo specifically to them
    • Know who will be viewing your product demo
    • What role does the audience have?
    • What challenges do they face?
    • What goals do they hope to accomplish?
  • Describe the value that your product will bring to the potential customer
  • Allow time both during and after the presentation to answer questions
  • Finish the product demo with a clear call to action

You can host a live product demo on various platforms including social media platforms and video conferencing platforms


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