The Ultimate Guide To Create IGTV Ads

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Is IGTV Ads?


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Brand Awareness
Cost Details
On average, Instagram advertising costs between $0.20 to $6.70, depending on the bidding model.

Instagram TV ads, also known as IGTV ads, provides an option for brands to advertize on Instagram.

IGTV is typically used for educational purposes, such as tutorials, reviews, or anything else conversational but not necessarily "promotional."

The purpose of IGTV ads is to connect with your audience and provide them with some kind of value, which customers tend to really appreciate.

IGTV Ads Key Takeaways

  • Video performs better on average than other types of content on Instagram.
  • IGTV's videos are more well-groomed than off-the-cuff Stories.
  • Selecting the right influencers to host your IGTV ads can boost your visibility, sales, and engagement in a single masterstroke.

Understanding How IGTV Ads Work

IGTV is Instagram video exclusive platform. Therefore, IGTV ads are video-based, enabling brands to reach a different audience type who love watching Instagram videos.

IGTV videos are more well-groomed compared to IG stories. Therefore, IGTV ads tend to appeal to audiences with sophisticated tastes.

With the Instagram influencer base growing at an unparalleled rate, IGTV ads provide businesses an opportunity to affect purchase decisions through influencer marketing.

To make the most out of IGTV ads, brands and content creators need to work out a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Thus, creators will need to come up with engaging videos that match brands' values and expectations.

For your ads to feature on IGTV, follow these specs when creating the IGTV ads.

  • Video length should be between 15 minutes for mobile uploads and 60 minutes for web uploads
  • MP4 format is the recommended format for creating IGTV ads
  • For vertical videos, the aspect ratio should be 9:16 while for horizontal videos, the aspect ratio should be 16:9.
  • The minimum frame rate is supposed to be 30 frames per second
  • The minimum resolution is 720px.
  • Files should not exceed 650 MB for videos less than 10 minutes long and 3.6GB for videos less than 60 minutes long
  • The cover photo dimensions should ideally be 420 Pixels by 654 Pixels.

Examples Of Brands Using IGTV

Here are a couple of examples from brands already using IGTV to educate and popularize products.

1. How Vox Uses IGTV To Educate and Build Brand Awareness

Vox is an international media outlet. The brand is focused on increasing engagement on Instagram.

They choose IGTV as a way of sharing engaging video content that suits the interests of their Instagram followers.

The brand focuses on ensuring educative and entertaining content, in order to attract the audience's attention.

Here is an example of educative content shared by Vox via IGTV.


2. Nike Embarks On IGTV aiming to Grow Engagements By sharing Informative Video Content

Nike is one of the leading brands focused on supplying high-quality sporting wear and equipment.

The brand has a huge following on Instagram. They wanted to keep their followers engaged, and so the brand embraced IGTV as one of the platforms for sharing video content.

Some of the video content earned millions of views, showing how Instagram users love video content.


In Ads Manager, you can create Instagram ads with a Call to Action button that will direct people to your IGTV channel.

You need to have an Instagram account with IGTV videos.

If you want to create an ad that links to a specific IGTV video, that video should already be uploaded to your account.

To have your ad link to IGTV follow these steps:

Step1. Go to Ads Manager and select +Create.

Step2. Select one of the following objectives for your ad: - Brand Awareness - Reach - Traffic - Engagement: for type, select Post Engagement - Video Views

Step3. Create your ad, as usual, filling in details for your campaign, budget and schedule, audience, and optimization and delivery.

Step4. When you get to the Placements options, select Automatic Placements.

Step5. When you get to the Ad Creative section, you can copy and paste the IGTV URL in the Website URL box.

Step6. To find your IGTV or Reels URL, go to on your computer’s website browser. Then, go to your desktop profile and click on the IGTV tab.

Step7. If you want your ad to link to your IGTV channel, copy the URL from the address bar.

If you want your ad to link to a specific IGTV video click on that video and then copy the URL from the address bar.

Step8. Now, paste the URL into the Website URL box in Ads Manager. Select a Call to Action and finish creating your ad.

Click here for more instructions on how to use IGTV Ads


It is only after IGTV gains sufficient ground that we can expect brands to invest in IGTV ads.

If IGTV ads gain traction, they can be a bankable opportunity for brands that are trying to make it big through Instagram marketing.

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