4 Niche Investment Platform Success Stories [2022]

4 Niche Investment Platform Success Stories [2022]
Start A Niche Investment Platform

Here are some real life success stories of starting a niche investment platform:

1. Mythic Markets ($90K/year)

Joe Mahavuthivanij (from San Francisco, California, USA) started Mythic Markets almost 5 years ago.

$7.5K / month
2 founders / 3 employees
San Francisco, California, USA

Case Study

I’m Joe Mahavuthivanij and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Mythic Markets. Mythic Markets is an investing platform that turns high-value, geeky assets like vintage comics, collectible cards, fantasy art, and e-sports teams, into stocks that almost anybody can buy.


2. Voya Financial

Voya Financial is here to help you plan, invest and protect your savings to get ready to retire better. See how America’s Retirement Company can help you!

  • Website traffic: 3.07M/month
  • Business rank: #16K

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3. First Round Capital

First Round is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies.

  • Website traffic: 340K/month
  • Business rank: #25.8K

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4. ProfitableVenture

Do you want to be an entrepreneur or own a startup in USA, Australia, Canada, UK? If YES, ProfitableVenture.com is loaded with business ideas, sample business plan templates, franchise opportunities, investment ideas plus strategies to raise capital and grow your business as a beginner

  • Website traffic: 540K/month
  • Business rank: #27.1K

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