2 Things To Know When Starting A Successful Ecommerce Management Software

Want to start your own ecommerce management software? Here are 2 tips you should know.

We've interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here's the best advice we discovered for starting an ecommerce management software:

#1: David Truzman, founder of Ameriworld Fulfillment:

We chatted with with David, founder of Ameriworld Fulfillment ($/month). In our interview, David says:

We have learned to know our strengths and weaknesses and to identify which clients are the best fit for us (and us for them).


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#2: Jagath Narayan, founder of Ordoro:

We chatted with with Jagath, founder of Ordoro ($/month). In our interview, Jagath says:

If you have a deep yearning for it, just get started. Every thousand-mile journey begins with a single step.


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