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Business Idea: Start A Business Communications Software in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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240 days

Picture a world of effortless business communication. That’s the premise behind starting a business in business communications software. Essentially, your enterprise would create cutting-edge tools that facilitate seamless communication within, and possibly even between, companies.

This business reaches deep into a company's workflow, streamlining processes, amplifying productivity, and thereby increasing profitability. With a well-developed product, you could help businesses bridge communication gaps, enhance collaboration, and foster a more engaging and efficient work environment.

Given the modern era's emphasis on technology and remote work, the market for reliable, user-friendly communication software is nothing short of massive. As this is a largely uncharted territory with countless untapped opportunities, it's an exciting field to navigate with your business idea. As the architect behind the communication tools of tomorrow, you'll not only shape how businesses interact, but could also break new ground in the realm of business software solutions.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do business communications softwares make?

Startup Costs

How much does it cost to start a business communications software?

  • It can cost as low as $3,000 to start a business communications software.
  • It can cost as high as $2,500,000 to start a business communications software.

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Examples Of Successful Business Communications Softwares

Successful business communications software businesses and case studies

Nextiva, an Arizona-based business communications company, has developed an all-in-one platform called NextOS, which offers CRM tools, team collaboration tools, and business communication tools, resulting in a significant shift in its business model, and has grown from just a few employees to over 1,000 spread around the world, entirely self-funded, and focused on providing amazing service to its customers.

$10M Monthly Revenue
Read by 6,962 founders

MightyCall's Product Manager, Anna Miranchuk, explains how they launched and grew a B2B VoIP business phone service that brings in just over $200,000 per month as of January 2021, with a user base exceeding 6,000 small business owners and 25,000 active users, and shares lessons for aspiring founders who want to build or grow their own business.

$195K Monthly Revenue
Read by 6,185 founders

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