7 Tips For Starting A Successful Clothing Boutique (2023)

7 Tips For Starting A Successful Clothing Boutique (2023)
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Want to start your own clothing boutique? Here are some tips you should know:

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We've interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here's the best advice we discovered for starting a clothing boutique:

#1: Sasithon Bella, founder of The Kewl Shop:

We chatted with with Sasithon, founder of The Kewl Shop ($150K/month). In our interview, Sasithon says:

Today I’d say our biggest asset is consistency. It’s taken us seven years to understand what works and what doesn’t and now we do the things that work. Over and over again, every day, but each day growing a little bigger. Yes, it can be boring, but I prefer dull, safe and profitable.


Stop believing in “expert advice” and instead start acquiring knowledge ourselves. In the beginning, we employed an SEO firm and ended up with a Google penalty for spammy links.


The biggest mistake I see people making is thinking that e-commerce, especially dropshipping will make you rich, fast. And they are then buying into schemes offered by gurus and experts.


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#2: Emilie Casseday, founder of Blush Boutique Co:

We chatted with with Emilie, founder of Blush Boutique Co ($25K/month). In our interview, Emilie says:

It’s important to set clear boundaries for yourself as a business owner. You can work your business night and day, but if you don’t set clear boundaries, your business will run you.


I think fear is the biggest roadblock I see so many people get stopped by. But every fear has a solution. If you have a big landscape dream that seems so impossible, narrow in on a small section of how you can start now.


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#3: Jess Michelle, founder of Jess Mi Boutique:

We chatted with with Jess, founder of Jess Mi Boutique ($500/month). In our interview, Jess says:

The wonderful thing about starting and maintaining a boutique is you can be as creative as you want or pay someone else to do the leg work such as marketing and do as little as you want; depending on your budget.


No matter how much research and studying you do, you will not be 100% perfect so be easy on yourself! We all had a learning startup experience.


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