7-Figure Productized Services [104+ Real-World Examples]

Updated: February 25th, 2024

To build a big business that sells a service it’s often required to create a structure around it. Because you need to deal with sales, client proposals, payments, and project management.

Even modest freelancers have to go through all that just to make a living with a handful of clients.

Now, imagine if you could ditch all that and make over $1M per year by spending 90% of the time working on that one skill that people pay you for.

Welcome, productized services.

No matter what industry you’re in. There’s a blueprint that you can follow to transform any service-based business into a scalable, predictable, and highly profitable productized service.

I studied 104 of the most successful productized services to find out why and how they got successful.

Here's everything I learned.

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