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Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.

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Kickstarter Product Features

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Kickstarter Pricing

How does Kickstarter pricing work?

Kickstarter is a freemium product.

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Kickstarter Reviews

Here's what customers are saying about Kickstarter:

Customer Testimonial
article Beardo The *most** exposure and returns we have seen were directly resulting from being featured by the big fish like ‘Good Morning America’ and our Kickstarter.* - Jeff Phillips, founder of Beardo
article Spuds Kickstarter is an excellent platform for being able to start up a company. It allows you to create your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and both test it with a centralized audience and to get funding without investing huge amounts into production and then finding the people to sell them to. - Paul Dickey, founder of Spuds
article Compelling Science Press I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a print anthology that ended up totalling ~$12,000. I plan on doing more campaigns of this type in the future. - Joe Stech, founder of Compelling Science Press

What Companies Are Using Kickstarter?

List of customers using Kickstarter:

# Customer Type Description
1 article Ekster niche accessories brand The World's Bestselling Smart Wallets. Never lose your wallet or phone again! NFC RFID Blocking
2 article Greenbelly Meals backpacking meals business The best backpacking meal. Non-cook, lightweight and big nutrition. All natural ingredients and gluten free. Greenbelly Meals come with two fluffy meal bars in a single pouch for an easy, high calorie trail meal. Designed for thru-hikers and long-distance adventurers.
3 article SWAGGER Magazine digital magazine SWAGGER is North America's premiere modern men's lifestyle magazine. Get the latest tips and trends for men's style, grooming, gear, travel, and more.
4 article board game Thank you for visiting us! Our goal is to be your #1 playing card supplier, whether you are a player, collector, magician or cardist.
5 article Konnected Inc. home security system Connect wired alarm system door, window and motion sensors to SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat and OpenHAB with Konnected.
6 article Chargeasap charging accessories business ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever
7 article Fragrance One fragrance store Let the compliments flow
8 article Love Is Project jewelry product The #loveisproject connects people around the world through a universal message of LOVE. Empower artisan communities through an ethical supply chain. Shop now!
9 article Everyman stationary products business Everyday. Better. Tools for your everyday grind. Home of the Hideout Pack, Grafton Pen, Holden Wallet, & Porter Key Multi-tool 2.0.
10 article Kanga drinkware brand Kanga
11 article KPOP Foods hot sauce business KPOP Foods is the new brand helping people discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors. The LA startup creates delicious food products such as a versatile gochujang sauce and an organic, roasted seaweed snack that invite today’s generations to easily take part in the ultimate social experience that is Korean food.

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Kickstarter Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Kickstarter? We've put together a list of 7 Kickstarter competitors and alternatives.

List of best alternatives to Kickstarter:

# Tool Description Pricing Using
1 article StartEngine Crowdfunding platform that has helped more than 350 companies raise $175M+ from a community of over 250,000 prospective investors. free see all 1 using ➜
2 article Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform for innovations in tech and design. freemium see all 20 using ➜
3 article Kiva Online lending platform connecting online lenders to entrepreneurs. freemium see all 2 using ➜
4 article Crowd Control The only post-funding solution that allows you to run your business like a business. freemium see all 2 using ➜
5 article SeedInvest (equity crowdfunding) Venture capital and startup investing written by industry experts on the SeedInvest Team. freemium see all 1 using ➜
6 article PieShell A new crowdfunding site dedicated to food and beverage startups. freemium see all 1 using ➜
7 article CrowdEngine Investor Management and Business Automation Solutions. An industry-leading customizable white-label solution for investment firms worldwide. **** see all 1 using ➜

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