You’ve got 319 billion emails

You’ve got 319 billion emails

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You’ve got 319 billion emails

Did you know that’s how many emails are sent daily?

Another fact: there are over 4 billion email users in the world?

Those are some pretty hard-to-match numbers compared to most other industries

Given that, it’s no surprise that email is every marketer's favourite channel.

It’s been around for so long that it could seem that it’s outdated, but that’s far from reality. Businesses are betting bigger than ever because of their email marketing.

Like this business, which has reached $100K/year by simply sending more email newsletters.

These other companies leveraged the email channel to grow:

And of course, there’s a huge opportunity for companies to help businesses grow their email revenues:

By the numbers:

  • $10B -> expected global email marketing revenue by 2023

  • $36 -> returned for every dollar spent on email marketing

  • 100+ -> case studies where email has played a major role

Our take:

I’d never get tired of praising email marketing. Of course, trying different strategies it’s necessary, but once someone visits a website, getting their email should be a priority. That’s the first step to establishing a relationship.

And once you have an email relationship with someone, you don’t depend on algorithms to reach that person. You own that channel. It all depends now on the quality of the content you provide.

At Starter Story, email is also very important. And Klaviyo, our email tool, plays a big part in our success of growing our email list to over 235K subscribers. I know they’re one of our sponsors, but its tools to capture and nurture emails have truly been key for us.

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Game day means payday

Sports fans are counted by the billions. Soccer, basketball, cricket, and field hockey,... all have over 2 billion fans around the world. And they spend $725 on average per year.

It looks like a very attractive TAM (total addressable market) size to me. And of course, offers a world of business opportunities.

Like this guy, who turned his baseball newsletter into a $200K/year business.

More examples:


Quick hitters

(1) This kid pockets $12K/year in profit with Minecraft. Despite being a 10+ years old videogame, Minecraft is still very popular and many people have built profitable businesses around it.

Like this Standford dropout who makes $60K/year, or this founder who used it to finance his startup,

(2) This couple went from freelancing to running a $480K/year agency. In a world where everything is in English by default or as an almost mandatory second option, you can make a lot of money translating content. Amazon listings, landing pages, app descriptions,... the amount of text published online is endless.

It may not sound sexy, but it’s a space where you can make good money: bought a translation company for $1.2M and now makes $4M/year, this guy went from freelance to $1M in revenue, and this founder started a $480K/year voice over business.


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