The AirPods killers

The AirPods killers

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The million-dollar marketing toolkit


Fact #1: Every business owner needs to do marketing.

Fact #2: Many people have no idea how to do it.

Ingram was able to spot these and created a membership that offers marketing materials that anyone can use and look professional.

Her biggest win, in my opinion? Focusing on one industry: real estate.

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Building a food tours empire


Tours of all kinds can grow into huge profitable businesses (hikingfood -of course-, love? or you can even create a marketplace for them).

When starting a tours business though, many people tend to focus on one market. What I love about this story is that Luke was bold enough to create a global network and conquered many popular destinations.

My 3 fav things from this are:

  1. Leverage marketplaces like Tripadvisor: Already with huge traffic.
  2. Risk distribution: If one location underperforms, shuts down, etc., the network still works.
  3. Partner with local heroes: You run the business, they master the operations.

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Repurpose your content on TikTok


This is one of the easiest wins you can get to grow your brand and reach a new audience.

Since you're probably creating content already, why not use that same content in the fastest growing platform of our time?

In this guide, we'll show you how to do it and some real examples of brands and entrepreneurs that are killing it thanks to this strategy.

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The AirPods killers


This team of product designers from Finland created the best noise-canceling earbuds. They're so good that every time they launch a crowdfunding campaign they get +1.000% of their goal.

Used by professional NHL players and sold on inflight sales in ~20 major airlines, this is truly an exceptional story.

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