The Ultimate Guide To Repurposing Content On TikTok

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Does TikTok Content Repurposing Refer To?

Repurposing TikTok content simply means taking existing content (posted on Tiktok or another platform) and reusing it on Tiktok.

Often referred to as content recycling, repurposing content makes TikTok engagement much easier and allows your content to get in front of a completely new audience.

To successfully repurpose TikTok content, it helps to produce content with repurposing in mind. Therefore, you can slice and dice the content into different formats or add different scenes to create meaningful TikTok content.


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If you have existing content, You just need to repurpose it and post

TikTok Content Repurposing Key Takeaways

  • When repurposing TikTok content, focus your efforts on the evergreen content.
  • Choose the content that brings in the most traffic
  • Not all type of Content is suitable for Tiktok. Rather than just copy and pasting, take time to tweak the content.

Understanding How Repurposing Tiktok Content Works

You already put in a lot of time creating content. Besides, creating new content on Tik Tok isn't always on the cards.

Repurposing some content might be in your best interest. Figure out the style of existing content and format it for use on TikTok.

Repurposing content for Tiktok involves:

  • Using an existing youtube video you made and add a new effect + song in the background
  • Use content from a podcast you've done in the past
  • Take a high performing blog post and turn it into an educational Tik Tok
  • Use imagery and videos from your camera roll to make a fun, light-hearted TikTok collage

The most important part is that you stay active on the platform. This will help with the overall brand presence and community around your product or service.

Real-World Examples of Entrepreneurs Who are Repurposing Content For TikTok

1. How Vessi is Repurposing Content For TikTok

Vessi, is an awesome footwear brand based in Canada. The TikTok posts illustrate how brands can grow following and keep their audience engaged through repurposed content.

For instance, Vessi created this TikTok post by repurposing Instagram content.


Here is the original instagram content


By repurposing content for TikTok, Vessi has been able to grow their TikTok following organically, while at the same time, keeping their TikTok users engaged.

2. How Barbara Corcoran Keeps Tiktok Audience Engaged By Repurposing Content

Barbara Corcoran, NYC Real Estate Queen, has mastered the trick of repurposing existing content and posting on TikTok.


In this example, she reformatted her Instagram video and shared the content on TikTok


Through such content repurposing, Barbara is keeping her TikTok followers engaged, and making sure new potential customers, who may not be on Instagram but are on TikTok, are consuming her content.

How to Start Repurposing Content on TikTok

  • Review your most popular posts to find your evergreen content
  • Create a new video from existing content
  • Use video editing software to add or eliminate unnecessary sections
  • Ensure the content is consistent with the audience expectations
  • Include a relevant hashtag to boost engagement

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