Job board makes $1M/year and spends $0 on ads

Job board makes $1M/year and spends $0 on ads

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Why celebs are investing in laundry detergent brands?

David and Pete came up with a new kickass detergent formula that was so good that they were able to raise funding from one biotech VC and celebrities such as actor Henry Golding, footballer Chris Smalling, and supermodel Soo Joo Park. The business is killing it and has been growing 30% month over month with website conversions in the range of 5-6%.

My take: There’s a huge social trend towards smarter, more eco-friendly, and safe products. Big brands are trying to move in that direction but after years of neglecting those aspects, conscious customers are more inclined to choose new brands.

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$1.2M/year with a tech talent hiring site [$0 spent on ads]

These guys were building a startup and, while building, found an even bigger hairier problem to solve: hiring good tech talent. Immediately, they scrapped their startup and started working on a job board.

They nabbed the Product Hunt #1 spot and shared some great tips on what helped them.

In just one year they’ve been able to generate over $1M, without any spending on paid marketing.

My take: Companies are searching for talent worldwide. This can be tedious and expensive. Anyone able to ease this pain can make lots of money.

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​There’s a lot of money to be made in tech talent:

47 business ideas trending on TikTok

TikTok is HOT. If you want to keep up with the current trends you need to keep an eye on what’s happening there. And it’s no different with businesses. Whatever you’ll see on Twitter, some TikTok kids have been already making money for a while and showing it on TikTok.

We've put together 47 business ideas to make money off of TikTok that you can start in today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of other businesses to help you see what it really takes.

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You won’t need to go to the hospital soon

Angelica developed a system that allows people to measure and track blood markers from home, receiving instant personal feedback. And to do so, they raised $21M.

I love this quote from her: “A mediocre team with a brilliant idea is less likely to succeed than a brilliant team with a mediocre idea.”

My take: COVID-19 was a big push for self-testing, but health is going fast down the digital path. There are crazy huge opportunities in the space (ePrescriptions, telemedicine, and much more).

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A product so good that people get tattoos of it

Dave is the creator of Dave’s Insanity Sauce and has gotten his product into 8,000 retail stores (even Whole Foods).

In his first year, he was banned by the National Fiery Food Show and became a media darling with the New York Times and many other media outlets eventually calling him “legendary” in the hot sauce world.

The secret of their success? Focusing on creating an excellent product and not settling for something with lower quality.

My take: Even though the hot sauce market may seem crowded, consumers of these are always looking to try new sauces and flavors. We have featured lots of people who are killing it in this space, don’t get discouraged if you’re thinking about entering this space.

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