Retweet, like, cash out

Retweet, like, cash out

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Retweet, like, cash out

This week Twitter has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to publish long-form posts: Twitter Notes.

Before this, they jumped into the newsletter frenzy and acquired Revue, integrating its newsletter service into the platform.

Slowly but surely, seems like Twitter is growing into a huge platform for creators.

And with the Super Follow feature, creators can collect donations from followers. Bam. Now it all makes sense.

Why you should be interested in this? Because Twitter desperately wants you to use these new features. Have you noticed how prominently a tweet about a native newsletter or a Twitter Spaces appears in your timeline? They’ll give you lots of visibility in exchange if you use them. Take advantage and grow your account.

So, if you’re a writer or are working on any blog posts, consider using this new Twitter feature now and hop on the trend before it becomes too late!

Not much into writing?

Well, let me tell you that writing is one of those skills that will always help you make money. Always. And writing is important for ANY business, whether that’s writing copy, emails, or documenting your journey.

Check out some examples of people making big money thanks to their writing ability:


Plug-in baby

What do the 130M households in the US have in common? They need a source of energy. Unless you’ve chosen to live off the grid, you need electricity.

That’s what makes the energy market massive. Every house needs it. It’s not optional.

And with the price of electricity skyrocketing in recent years, people are rethinking their choices: “Should I change to a different provider?”, “is solar energy really worth it?”

This change in consumer thinking has created new business opportunities for those willing to enter that space.

Don’t be scared if this looks like an industry too big or complicated. You don’t need to create a new product. You can set your foot in this space by offering installation, repair, maintenance, or consulting services.

Analyze your personal environment to find opportunities, and focus on your areas of expertise.


Quick hitters

(1) This founder created a $480K/year eyeglasses brand. And he’s not even an optometrist or anything similar. Did you know that over 4 billion people in the world wear glasses? That’s a good reason to sell them.

Want to take a summer-friendly approach? See how these brothers launched a $240K/year sunglasses brand with just $200.

(2) This couple makes $360K/year with their massage therapy business. Self-care needs are at an all-time high. People have realized that spending money on well-being is money well spent.

So there’s an opportunity for all kinds of therapies and self-care services that make people feel better. Like this innovative light therapy device that made $90K in 6 months.


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