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Dylan Jacob is an American entrepreneur. Dylan started BrüMate in 2016 and is based in Indianapolis, IN.[1]

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Indianapolis, IN


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Dylan started BrüMate in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on BrüMate?

BruMate is my 3rd company but the first where I was actually doing any real product development or design. My first company I started in high-school was a part supply company for repair shops / tech centers (batteries, LCD screens, flex cables, etc).

I went on to sell that company to a franchise customer of ours in 2014 after I dropped out of engineering school and decided to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

After selling that company I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do next. I bought a foreclosure on short-sale and spent around 9 months remodeling it. In the process of remodeling that house, I started my next company which was a high-end glass tile company that provided unique glass tile for residential and commercial remodels to contractors and homeowners via WayFair/Overstock/Houzz and our dealer network. I ran that company up until July of 2017 and sold it as well, it is still fully functioning and performing very well for the new owners.

While entrepreneurship is definitely my passion, product development and design was what I had always really wanted to focus on. I thought the idea of creating a product people actually needed and being able to walk around and see people using my creation was the absolute coolest concept. I had been searching for a unique idea I could begin developing and in January of 2016 I had found that.

BruMate was born after a series of warm 16oz beers led me into an hour long google search session looking for a koozie that worked with my can of choice. After coming up empty handed, I began working on a rough prototype for the Hopsulator TRiO (which was just called the Hopsulator at the time) and hit the ground running.

I had learned quite a bit about sourcing / development from my previous companies but the prototyping / molding aspects were brand new and were definitely a learning curve for me. I thought it would be fairly simple to have a product created but I learned quickly that good products take a lot of time before they will be ready to actually hit the shelves.

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