How To Create Quiz Content For Your Marketing Strategy: A Guide

How To Create Quiz Content For Your Marketing Strategy: A Guide


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What Is Marketing Quiz?

A marketing quiz is a form of fun assessment or a mind sport where players attempt to answer questions correctly about a certain brand or a variety of topics relating to the industry.

Quizzes are very effective at generating leads, engaging your audience, and driving traffic to your site. Unfortunately, using quizzes in brand marketing is one of the most underrated marketing moves.

By creating a great quiz, you can incentivize your audience to provide you with their contact information. Additionally, they may even share their results on social media which will result in even more users visiting your site and taking your quiz.

Therefore, creating quiz content can help in growing brand engagement. The question is, how do you get started with quizzes? For more insights, keep reading this post.

Marketing Quiz Key Takeaways

  • Interactive and viral quizzes are a crucial tool that startups need to embrace
  • Smart marketers leverage quizzes to tap into a goldmine of marketing information
  • Only 45% of marketers consider their efforts for creating interactive content as being effective
  • Quizzes help marketers create sales funnel and qualify leads

Understanding How Marketing Quizzes Work

Marketing quizzes are actually a powerful marketing tool and the perfect way to turn your social media followers into a loyal following.

Consider that by adding marketing quizzes to your website and sharing them on social media, your followers will click and land on your website. They take the quiz, and you can direct them to a special offers landing page.

Alternatively, quizzes can be a great lead generation tool. When you create a marketing quiz and share it on social media, users will need to enter their email address so that you can display results, or even send the results to their email addresses.

Therefore, quizzes are a great marketing tool for brand marketers.

To attain the full benefits of using quizzes, consider sharing them on social media platforms.

Tips To Help You Unleash Full Potential Of Quizzes

  • Research and understand the psychology of your target audience
  • Craft the perfect quiz for your marketing campaign
  • Make a killer title that grabs the attention of your target audience
  • Keep the quiz interesting and engaging
  • Focus on generating leads through the marketing quizzes
  • Deliver a personalized user experience
  • Add a powerful call to action
  • Use an online quiz maker (see suggestions below)

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Quizzes To A Content Marketing Strategy?

  • Just like gamification, quizzes increase user engagement drastically
  • Visitors stay on your website longer
  • Gain massive insights into your audience so you can target them in future
  • If done right, quizzes increase your sales and direct purchases drastically
  • Increase social media engagements

Real World Examples: Create Quiz Content

Here are a couple of great quizzes for your inspiration.

1. How Buzzfeed Uses Quizzes To Increase Brand Engagement

Buzzfeed is well known for its interactive quizzes.

They even have their own page dedicated to just quizzes.

Here's a great example of a quiz they published in March:


Some key highlights:

  • The title: This immediately comes off as a challenge to the user. Any marvel enthusiast would see this and immediately want to take the quiz to prove their dedication to Marvel movies.
  • The length: The quiz is long - once you start answering 3-4 questions, you won't just give up. You'll continue to scroll and complete the challenge. This is highly effective for SEO.
  • The user experience: Each question is consistent and has you locate something on a map/image. It tells you right away if you answered correctly - which gives you some instant gratification.

2. Brandlective Uses Quizzes As A Lead Generation Strategy

Stacey Kehoe Founder and CEO of Brandlective, introduced quizzes as a way of understanding her customers.

Over time, quizzes would become a preferred way of creating a value-add lead magnet for her agency.


To enhance her lead generation strategy through quizzes, Brandlective ensured their digital marketing scorecard benchmarks participants on the six most essential areas of marketing compared to industry averages and producing personalized reports at the end of the user participation.

Using Quizzes has been a groundbreaking effort for Brandlective, raising the company profile and putting their services on the radar of potential prospects.

According to Stacey Kehoe, using quizzes for lead generation has delivered a high value for the quiz participants, and has been valuable to the company.

The quizzes helped the company to develop its insights into the common challenges that their ideal prospects face.

How To Setup An Effective Marketing Quiz

  1. Define the purpose and goals of your quizzes
  2. Identify the targets
  3. Choose the appropriate quiz type
  4. Create a set of questions
  5. Determine how to convert participants into leads
  6. Make the quiz shareable

The Best Online Quiz Makers

  • HubSpot’s form builder: Create custom and integrated online forms in seconds — no technical expertise required!
  • Survey Anyplace: Create surveys, quizzes, and assessments that return personalized advice in the final screen, through email, or in a branded PDF report
  • TypeformThe online quiz maker that's easy to use, fun, and fully customizable
  • SurveyMonkey: Expand your market research capabilities to keep track of your brand, test your ideas, or get a gut check with your target audience
  • Qzzr: Create and customize quizzes that capture your audience’s attention and interests.

HubSpot’s form builder

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Create interactive forms.

Businesses using Typeform:

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Survey platform.

Businesses using SurveyMonkey:

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Create and customize quizzes that capture your audience’s attention and interests.

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