The Power of Niche Sites: 80 Real 6-Figure Examples [Deep Dive]

Updated: December 22nd, 2023

You might be wondering…

How the hell did I get the idea for

Well, to be honest, at the time I was obsessed with learning about regular people who built million-dollar online businesses with no VC funding. 

I wanted to know everything about them, how they made money, and how I could do it, too.

Then, over the next 6 years, that obsession turned into a side project which turned into a full time thing that’s now been read by over 30M people and made over $2M in revenue!

When I look back at the last 6 years, I realize I did something pretty smart… (without realizing, of course)

And it’s actually why this thing has grown to what it is today.

Here’s what I did right: I found a niche, and I owned it.

Nobody else was covering these small, online businesses making $10k - $100k/month. 

Everyone else was covering big VC-backed businesses. When in reality less than 1% of startups raise money.

Why did my accidentally genius idea work?

  • 95% of people actually starting businesses don’t relate to the stories on big mainstream sites (Forbes, etc). Too disconnected from the average person.
  • I had virtually no competition. Believe it or not, at the time, nobody was covering modest online business success stories (this is definitely more of a thing now).
  • Starter Story was a unique product with unique stories - which meant that every new newsletter subscriber was quality - and advertisers wanted to get in front of that.

So, this got me thinking…

Are there other websites/businesses like Starter Story, but in other niches?

What niches pay the most?

How niche did they go?

And how big can a niche site become? (hint, it’s a lot)

I put my head down and went down a rabbit hole of research.

My findings surprised me.

I found niches far and wide. Cool stuff, and weird stuff, too. I found businesses and websites that are making a shit ton of money doing some stuff I’ve never even heard of before.

For example, I found a blog 100% dedicated to flooring, tailored specifically for women, making $240K/year with just 65,000 monthly visits.

That’s the beauty of niches, they’re extremely profitable.

Another example I love is a 7-figure food blog that was able to grow thanks to a laser focus on a recent fad diet.

And there are many more examples like these.

In this report, I’ve analyzed 80 sites that became money-printing machines thanks to picking a crazy specific niche and dominating it.

I broke down what are the most profitable niches, how these sites grow, all the ways they make money, how much content they publish, and much more.

A database and report full of the most valuable insights, to make it as easy as possible to start and grow your own niche site.

-> Read The Full Report (google doc)

-> Get your hands dirty with all the data (spreadsheet)


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