4 Things To Know When Starting A Successful Seo Consultant Business

Want to start your own seo consultant business? Here are 4 tips you should know.

We've interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here's the best advice we discovered for starting a seo consultant business:

#1: Carlos Castro, founder of Wolfate:

We chatted with with Carlos, founder of Wolfate ($3.5K/month). In our interview, Carlos says:

When it comes to defining a consulting service, it’s critical to know your area of expertise or the area in which you can provide the most value and start to investigate what are those characteristics that businesses want in that consulting service.


One thing that can definitely help your business to get more clients is to get media coverage but don’t search for generic media sites, try to find industry-specific sites that have more chances of having audiences that can match or overlap with your client’s profile.


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#2: Bruce Jones, founder of 1ON1 SEO Training:

We chatted with with Bruce, founder of 1ON1 SEO Training ($10K/month). In our interview, Bruce says:

Sometimes people think that SEO is about broad strokes and taking general actions when in reality the situation needs to be looked at with a microscope to really pay off. Many times it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference.


Google never wrote the bible for SEO. The best way to find out about SEO is not through books or published resources, but by doing experiments yourself.


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