Pet Accessories Business

Business Idea: Start A Pet Accessories Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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With the increasing number of pet owners globally, the pet accessories market is booming. Pet accessories include items that promote the health and wellness of pets and improve pet handling. Examples of pet accessories include pet treats, toys, collars and tags, leashes, pet beds, food and water bowls, poo bags, clothing, costumes, etc.

To start a pet accessories business, market research and focus on the highly demanded pet products.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do pet accessories businesses make?

Startup Costs

How much does it cost to start a pet accessories business?

  • It can cost as low as $1,000 to start a pet accessories business.
  • It can cost as high as $150,000 to start a pet accessories business.

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Examples Of Successful Pet Accessories Businesses

Successful pet accessories business businesses and case studies

Discover how Amman Ahmed turned a $50 investment into a $9.6 million/year business by creating soothing audio tracks for pets on YouTube, Spotify, and more, with only $5,000 spent on marketing over the years.

$800K Monthly Revenue
$1K Startup Costs
Read by 295 founders

Tuft + Paw, a modern cat brand founded by Jackson Cunningham, started as an importer of exquisite cat furniture and, after raising $150k from Kickstarter, graduated to manufacturing products, seeing sales grow to over $300k per month and now raising $2m from famed investors including Alexis Ohanian.

$300K Monthly Revenue
$1K Startup Costs
Read by 6,131 founders

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