5 Notification Tool Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 19th, 2023
Start A Notification Tool

Here are some real life success stories of starting a notification tool:

1. Sunnah Helper ($12/year)

Mammad, a full-time software engineer and practicing Muslim, noticed a lack of tools for setting up notifications for voluntary deeds in the Muslim community. With little time on his hands, he decided to create his own mobile application, Sunnah Helper, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Within three months, he released the app for both Android and iOS devices, receiving positive feedback and acquiring the first 100 downloads through word of mouth. Mammad plans to continue improving the app, adding more languages, and implementing widgets for iOS in the future.

How much they make: $12/year
How much did it cost to start: $1K
Current team size: 1


On Developing A Notification Tool For Muslim Voluntary Deeds

Sunnah Helper is a multilingual mobile application that serves the Muslim community, offering notifications for voluntary and obligatory prayers and more, with AdMob monetization earning an estimated $4-5 per month and plans for iOS widget implementation.

Mammad started Sunnah Helper over 3 years ago
Mammad grew the business to $1/month
It cost Mammad $1000 to start the business
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2. Instatus ($24K/year)

Came up with the idea because people were already paying for similar types of products. It seemed like a zero-risk idea because the MVP was easy to build.

How much they make: $24K/year
How much did it cost to start: $2K
Current team size: 2


I Quit My 9-5 Job And Built A Profitable SaaS Tool

Egyptian software developer Ali Salah shares how he quit his 9-5 job and created Instatus, a service for creating status pages that has grown from $200-300/mo to $2K MRR, attracting around 111 paying medium-to-large-sized clients through branding, pricing, and customer support strategies, as well as using Google Ads, while also providing tips on launching a product and building a business.

Ali started Instatus over 4 years ago
Ali grew the business to $2K/month
It cost Ali $2000 to start the business
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So... can you actually make money with a notification tool?

Of course. There are millions to be made in this industry.

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  1. Research real, profitable businesses and see exactly how much money they make.
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3. Fomo ($1.08M/year)

Ryan Kulp, a marketer and self-taught developer, acquired a social proof tool called Notify in 2016 and rebranded it as Fomo. Through strategic product-led growth, integrations, and a focus on social proof, Fomo scaled its business by 600% and achieved over $1 million in annual revenue.

How much they make: $1.08M/year
How much did it cost to start: $0
Current team size: 5


How I Bought A Shopify App And Grew It To A $1M/Year

Fomo, a social proof tool for eCommerce stores, scaled its original business by 600% and now generates >$1m in annual revenue through product-led growth via integrations and an extensive case study library.

Ryan started Fomo almost 8 years ago
Ryan grew the business to $90K/month
Read by 4,048 founders