5 Laundry Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
Start A Laundry Business

Starting a laundry business can be a fulfilling and lucrative venture for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their communities. With the right equipment and a commitment to providing excellent customer service, this business idea has the potential to thrive in a variety of locations.

One unique aspect of starting a laundry business is the opportunity to offer specialized services, such as eco-friendly detergent options or same-day turnaround for busy professionals. Additionally, partnering with local dry cleaners or offering pickup and delivery services can set your business apart from competitors and attract a loyal customer base.

In terms of upfront costs, starting a laundry business will require a significant investment in commercial-grade washing machines and dryers, as well as a convenient and well-located storefront. However, with the right marketing strategies and a focus on providing top-notch service, this investment can quickly pay off and result in a thriving business.

Overall, starting a laundry business is a rewarding and potentially profitable venture for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. With the right approach and a commitment to excellence, this business idea has the potential to succeed in a variety of settings.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a laundry business:

1. Elite DhobiLite Laundry Pvt. Ltd. ($318K/year)

Nishant Tripathi (from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India) started Elite DhobiLite Laundry Pvt. Ltd. over 12 years ago.

$26.5K / month
1 founders / 14 employees

Case Study

Hello! My name is Nishant Tripathi, and I founded Dhobilite, a premium online dry cleaning, and laundry service. I started this company in 2011 with a vision to pioneer laundry service in India.

We started operations in the year 2011. Over the years, we experimented with and developed our business model and software. In 2015, we disrupted the laundry market and became India's first app-based, on-demand laundry service provider. We have expanded into more than 15 cities in the last two years and have around 20+ stores today. In addition, we have 30 plus franchises. We also have factories in Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Faridabad.


2. SudShare ($1M/year)

Uber for laundry

$83.3K / month
1 founders / 25 employees

Case Study
  • Mort and Nachshon Fertel created Sudshare, a national laundry service from Baltimore, Md.
  • SudShare is primarily a technology company creating an Uber-like tech stack for laundry.
  • Nachshon was a teenager when he built this app after, one day, he heard his mom complaining about the pile of laundry lying at home for her to do.
  • Around 125 million households produce 50 pounds of laundry weekly, so the growth scope in this market is huge and was reason enough for the founders to launch their laundry service app in 2017.
  • This app-based business offers on-demand laundry services in over 400 cities across the United States and is the first and only one of its kind in the country.
  • This online marketplace for laundry has more than 90,000 users.
  • For the past couple of years, the business has been seeing 10-30% growth each month.
  • Word of mouth and Google Ads have been their key marketing strategies
  • SudShare raised $10M in a seed round and intended to use the money to build a marketing team and a technical team.
  • They currently serve residential clients and planning to start serving commercial customers & go international in 2023


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4. Rosie Wash Express Laundry ($288K/year)

What does it take to start a successful laundromat business? Brian Riseland made a 7-figure investment when he opened Laundry Genius in 2018. In this intervi...

Jeff and Sarah Orgill (from Los Angeles, CA, USA) started Rosie Wash Express Laundry over 6 years ago.

$24K / month
1 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

Jeff and Sarah Orgill started their Los Angeles-based laundry service company, Rosie Wash Express Laundry, in 2017.

Rosie Wash was already a fully operational business when Jeff bought it and made some changes & improvements to how the business would be operated.

Since then, he has expanded the company beyond the standard self-service coin laundry business by introducing a wash-and-fold facility with pickup and delivery choices.

In Q4 of 2020, Rosie Wash's income has more than doubled from what they were drawing, and the company’s client base has spread outside the nearby geographic region.

  • Rosie Wash generates $300K ARR.
  • Jeff uses Google My Business to attract more customers and often runs promo codes
  • He runs a loyalty card program and a raffle program to ensure customer loyalty.


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