43 Trending Branding Agency Businesses [2024]

Updated: July 23rd, 2023
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A branding agency helps create, develop, maintain and improve brands. The role of branding agencies is to create, plan, measure, and manage branding strategies for clients to support them in advertising and other promotions.

Business branding has always been a vital part of a business. With branding, businesses reach more customers daily and stay relevant to their existing customers. As companies compete to get more customers and remain relevant, there is a high demand for branding solutions.

Starting a branding agency can be a profitable and satisfying business venture. To start a branding agency, you must be able to weave together disparate pieces of data and information into compelling narratives so you can help a business convey its story or express its unique values and culture.

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1. Taboola

Taboola is the world's leading discovery & native advertising platform that helps people explore what's interesting and new in the moment of next.

Where they're located: Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, Chile
Website traffic: 439M/month


2. Tailor Brands

Develop a unique brand identity for your business with our customized branding tools. Use our online brand book and logo maker to build your brand now!

Where they're located: Prasat Balangk, Kampong Thom, Cambodia
Website traffic: 2.51M/month


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4. IAB

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy.

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA
Website traffic: 300K/month


5. Brands Vietnam

Brands Vietnam - Cộng đồng Marketing và Xây dựng Thương hiệu toàn diện tại Việt Nam.

Where they're located: Riverside, California, USA
Website traffic: 420K/month


6. B&T

Australia's leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industries

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 210K/month


7. Marsh & McLennan Companies

Where they're located: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Website traffic: 320K/month


8. Cardinal

You deserve an award winning digital marketing agency that brings you new customers, not empty promises. Our marketing agency will Ignite Your Growth!

Where they're located: Jacksonville, Florida, USA


9. Coforge

Coforge is a leading global IT solutions organization servicing customers across the globe. Coforge is differentiated on the strength of its industry expertise. Coforge services clients in travel and transportation, BFS, insurance, etc.

Where they're located: Irvine, California, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


10. TIBCO GridServer

Where they're located: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Website traffic: 240K/month


11. Interbrand

Where they're located: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Website traffic: 100K/month


12. Ramotion

Ramotion is a branding and product design agency in San Francisco, CA. Brand identity design, marketing websites, and UI/UX design for web & mobile apps.

Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA
Website traffic: 60K/month


13. Brandastic

Brandastic is an Orange County Digital Marketing Agency offering certified Magento Development, UX/UI Design, Search Marketing, and more. Let us help ignite your potential.

Where they're located: Anaheim, California, USA
Website traffic: 90K/month


14. www.mekina.net

Find this car and thousands others for sale in Ethiopia

Where they're located: Arta, Djibouti
Website traffic: 100K/month

15. Brandingmag

As an independent online daily brand journal, Brandingmag represents an insightful source of news and opinions from the industry.

Where they're located: Bangluo, Gansu, China
Website traffic: 90K/month


16. Red Antler

Challenging what is and creating what's next

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


17. Blind

Brand Strategy Design Consultancy. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers— creating exceptional brand experiences.

Where they're located: Tacoma, Washington, USA
Website traffic: 80K/month


18. Growth Transformation Consultants

Prophet's business transformation consultants help drive business growth through brand, marketing and sales, organizational change, innovation and customer experience strategies.

Where they're located: San Francisco, California, USA
Website traffic: 190K/month


19. Never Settle

Developing small business and enterprise tech and marketing solutions for Websites, Apps, eCommerce, Branding, Design, WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify.

How much they make: $1.8M/year
Where they're located: Denver, Colorado, USA
How much did it cost to start: $5K
Current team size: 15


How I Left Silicon Valley And Started A $100K/Month Digital Agency

Never Settle, a digital agency with over 1,000 completed projects and a focus on lean methodology and building relationships with clients, has made a name for itself in the eCommerce space, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes while maintaining consistent and moderate growth.

Read by 6,790 founders

20. Bop Design

Our B2B web design agency & marketing firm is passionate about creating B2B website designs and content marketing plans to attract and convert leads.

How much they make: $2.4M/year
Where they're located: San Diego, CA, USA
How much did it cost to start: $25K
Current team size: 13


This Power Couple Started A $2.4M/Year Marketing Agency In 120 Days

Bop Design, a B2B digital marketing agency, evolved through working with high-tech, software, industrial, and life science companies to develop lead-generating websites, brand platforms, and content marketing programs, and saw 153.1% revenue growth, landing them on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for two years in a row.

Read by 5,240 founders

21. VMLY&R

VMLY&R is a global full-service marketing agency. We fuse creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands that impact the world. Connect with us.

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA
Website traffic: 100K/month


22. Havas Group

Where they're located: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


23. Crafted

Crafted is a brand-first creative agency specializing in content marketing, brand storytelling, video, branding, website design & web development.

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


24. Brandify

Brandify is an industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions that helps brands connect to their customers.

Where they're located: Anaheim, California, USA


25. Dept Agency

Hello, we are Dept - an international digital agency of over 1500 experienced thinkers & makers. One agency uniting creativity, technology and data.

Where they're located: Skårup, Central Denmark Region, Denmark
Website traffic: 90K/month


26. Cardno

Cardno is a global infrastructure, environmental and social development company operating in more than 100 countries and powered by a talented 4,000-strong workforce. We’re united by a shared purpose to deliver exceptional professional services to improve physical and social environments that make a difference to people’s lives around the world.

Where they're located: Anchorage, Alaska, USA


27. Flying Hippo

A unique breed of branding experts and digital nerds, our HubSpot-certified mammals are ready for your branding needs.

Where they're located: Des Moines, Iowa, USA


28. YellowFin Digital

YellowFin Digital is a elite Digital Marketing Agency. We offers digital marketing services, web design, SEO, PPC, ecommerce boutique solutions & More.

Where they're located: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA


29. Six Degrees

Six Degrees is a branding and market research firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn more about our psycho-sensory approach to brand building.

Where they're located: Lubbock, Texas, USA


30. Texas Digital Marketing Agency Proudly Serving DALLAS, FORTWORTH, PLANO, HOUSTON, & Neighborhood

Where they're located: Plano, Texas, USA


31. A Global Digital Recruiting Technology Company

Through innovative technology, enhance your brand and transform the way you search for candidates and exceed your global recruiting goals with TMP.

Where they're located: Fresno, California, USA
Website traffic: 50K/month


32. Merge

MERGE is a full-service marketing and advertising agency specializing in healthcare, life science, financial services, consumer goods and retail. Our services include digital, creative, brand strategy, media, CRM, PR, communications, web development and marketing technology.

Where they're located: Jacksonville, Florida, USA


33. AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve directly with nonprofit organizations to tackle our nation's most pressing challenges.

Where they're located: Buffalo, New York, USA
Website traffic: 500K/month


34. MDG Advertising

MDG Advertising is a full-service, marketing & advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Brooklyn, NY. We partner with our clients to provide trackable results, positive ROI, and award-winning creative. Check us out.

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


35. DesignStudio

DesignStudio is an international brand and design agency. We create brands for the most innovative and exciting companies in the world.

Where they're located: Hirevo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Website traffic: 60K/month


36. McCann

Where they're located: Ngambé-Tikar, Centre, Cameroon


37. Creative Brands

Creative Brands has a vast and world-class range of promotional gifts for you to choose from, plus truly awesome technology that allows us to custom-brand any item to your specs.

Where they're located: Ghanzi District, Botswana


38. DDB Worldwide

Where they're located: Guarantã do Norte, Mato Grosso, Brazil


39. Draftss

Draftss is a design subscription service that offers unlimited design tasks for a fixed monthly fee. The business serves primarily small to medium-sized businesses looking for affordable design solutions. Founded by a team of two entrepreneurs, Draftss has grown to have a team of designers and developers who work on client projects. The company has seen steady revenue growth since its inception and continues to attract new customers through its competitive pricing and high-quality design work.

How much they make: $180K/year
Where they're located: Mumbai
How much did it cost to start: $100
Current team size: 25


How We Make $7.5K/Month With A Productized Service

Draftss.com is a productized graphic design and front-end code service on subscription that made $66k ARR in 2019, has an MRR of $9.6k as of July 2020, and offers add-ons such as designers being added to team in interacting tools and front-end code services on WordPress using various page builders like Elementor and Divi.

Read by 11,817 founders

40. Arnold Worldwide

Arnold Worldwide is a global creative agency delivering services across advertising, digital, promotions, direct, design and branded content.

Where they're located: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


41. Droga5

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


43. EZ Rankings

Best digital marketing agency in India, EZ Rankings is award wining digital marketing company in India, specializing in offering high-quality digital marketing services to our clients across the globe. Contact us for your Digital Marketing needs.

How much they make:
Where they're located: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
How much did it cost to start: $2.5K
Current team size: 167