14 Companies That Use Miro [2022]

14 Companies That Use Miro [2022]

Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams.

We put together a list of the biggest companies that use Miro, along with some Miro testimonials and Miro case studies.

Here's the list:

1. Bambox

Bambox is a subscription box business started by Charles Carette in 2017. Bambox uses Miro for their other.

More about Bambox: {{description}}

$60K / month
3 founders / 7 employees
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Neuro

Neuro is a healthy snack food business started by Ryan Chen in 2015. Neuro uses Miro for their other.

More about Neuro: Our nootropic Neuro Gum and Neuro Mints are engineered with the right mix of caffeine, L-Theanine, and B-vitamins for constant focus the whole day. Try 30 Days Risk-Free.

$500K / month
2 founders / 12 employees
Los Angeles, California, USA

3. Keyhole Software

Keyhole Software is a software developer started by Chris DeSalvo in 2008. Keyhole Software uses Miro for their other.

More about Keyhole Software: Expert developers, hands-on leaders & technical educators providing quality software consulting and solutions your organization can rely on.

2 founders / 85 employees

4. UX studio

UX studio is a digital product designer started by Dávid Pásztor in 2013. UX studio uses Miro for their other.

More about UX studio: UX company working on user experience design (UX) for websites and mobile apps. We work in designer-researcher pairs. Get a Quote Today!

$169K / month
1 founders / 41 employees

5. Sani

Sani is a fashion business started by Niki Shamdasani in . Sani uses Miro for their other.

More about Sani: We're making South Asian and Indian-inspired formalwear accessible in the US. Lehengas, anarkalis, sarees/saris, dhotis, and more. FREE shipping over $100. Made in India for special moments everyWEAR. Shop sanidesigns.com.

2 founders / 1 employees

6. Machinery Partner

Machinery Partner is a machinery marketplace started by Ciaran Gillen in 2020. Machinery Partner uses Miro for their other.

More about Machinery Partner: Machinery Partner is a marketplace buying heavy machinery and equipment directly from manufacturers. Browse our range of construction and mining equipment.

$400K / month
1 founders / 6 employees

7. Sticker4Life

Sticker4Life is a motorcycle riding and safety class business started by Aurore Mandelbli in 2021. Sticker4Life uses Miro for their other.

More about Sticker4Life:

2 founders / 2 employees

8. Glambook

Glambook is started by Alex Tomchenko in 2020. Glambook uses Miro for their other.

More about Glambook: Got lost in the beauty industry? Glambook will be your guide. Professionals can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and develop their business. Clients can discover new services and providers, book appointments online, and get inspired.

2 founders / 8 employees

9. Sendle

Sendle is a courier business started by James Chin Moody in 2014. Sendle uses Miro for their other.

More about Sendle:

3 founders / 150 employees

10. Mobapp Creator

Mobapp Creator is a mobile app development business started by Sebastian Gravina in 2013. Mobapp Creator uses Miro for their other.

More about Mobapp Creator: MobAppCreator is a complete solution for mobile application Android and iPhone. How to make app for android? How to make apps for iPhone?

$10K / month
3 founders / 2 employees

11. Tillful

Tillful is a credit score calculation business started by Ken So in . Tillful uses Miro for their other.

More about Tillful: With a free company credit report, Tillful allows you to check credit score details for your business online. Get started on your business credit check now and stay on top of your business finances.

1 founders / 30 employees

12. Strabo

Strabo is a foreign currency exchange business started by Ben Waterman in 2021. Strabo uses Miro for their other.

More about Strabo: Clarity in one click: a holistic overview of your finances across different countries, collated into one simple dashboard, with seamless FX and portfolio analytics

3 founders / 3 employees

13. Tactiq

Tactiq is a chrome extension building business started by Nick Nikolaiev in 2020. Tactiq uses Miro for their other.

More about Tactiq: Tactiq is a browser extension that automatically saves live captures in Zoom and Google Meet to your Google Drive, Quip, Notion or other platforms. Get live captions directly from Google Meet to your Google Drive. Add notes during the Google Meet and Zoom meetings Capture valuable meeting insights & share them throughout your organization. Tactiq makes sure everything that you can access to everything that was discussed during the meetings: transcript, chat, decisions, action items. Tactiq extension captures these insights and can easily be accessed through our knowledge traceability platform. All-in-one solution for meeting notes, summaries and knowledge management. Share insights, capture video highlights, and store meeting notes for synchronous communication.

2 founders / 5 employees

14. WOO Branding

WOO Branding is a graphic design business started by Ulas Uygun in 2019. WOO Branding uses Miro for their other.

More about WOO Branding: Your business deserves a designer logo. We create agency quality logo designs, ready to be downloaded in minutes for a fraction of the price. You can get your logo design in 3 simple steps: Browse our catalogue of designer logos, select a logo license and customize your logo by filling out the form. That's it!

$4K / month
1 founders / 2 employees

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