8 Companies That Use JustUno [2024]

Updated: May 21st, 2022

Conversion optimization platform to drive sales, increase email lead capture and improve website messaging.

We put together a list of the biggest companies that use JustUno, along with some JustUno testimonials and JustUno case studies.

Here's the list:

1. Robo 3D

Robo 3D is a 3D Printing Business started by Braydon Moreno in 2017. Robo 3D uses JustUno for their business.

JustUno Testimonial

We use Just Uno for customized pop-up sign-ups for lead gen.

Braydon Moreno, on starting Robo 3D ($150,000/month)   full story ➜

$150K / month
2 founders / 30 employees
San Diego, California, USA


Raising 13x Their Original Kickstarter Goal With a Viral 3D Printer

Robo 3D, a company that designs 3D printers for consumers, launched their first product on Kickstarter which raised $650,000 in just 35 days, and now has sold their products in over 4,505 cities across 101 countries worldwide.

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2. Tradlands

Tradlands is a fashion business started by Jeremy Roberts in 2012. Tradlands uses JustUno for their business.

$134K / month
2 founders / 4 employees


How This Couple Started A $130K/Month Women’s Effortless, Refined, Quality Clothing Brand

This case study showcases the journey of Tradlands, a women's clothing brand generating $134k in monthly revenue, which was started with just $15k, and grew through email marketing, Instagram, and influencer collaborations.

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3. Love Is Project

Love Is Project is a jewelry product started by Chrissie Lam in 2017. Love Is Project uses JustUno for their business.

$200K / month
1 founders / 2 employees
San Francisco, California, USA


Selling $1.2M Love Bracelets For A Good Cause

Love Is Project generated over $1.2 million in revenue by utilizing a "Pay It Forward" business model, creating 1,200+ jobs for female artisans around the world, and utilizing storytelling to attract and retain customers.

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4. TerraCure

TerraCure is a skin care product line started by Dena Gottlieb in 2017. TerraCure uses JustUno for their business.

$1K / month
2 founders / 0 employees
Modi'in Illit, Judea and Samaria, Palestinian Territory


Starting A Natural Skin Cream Business From Israel

TerraCure, founded by Dena Gottlieb, is a natural skincare company offering a set of uniquely formulated products for muscle, joint, back, knee and tendon pain, based on a powerful synergy between Dead Sea minerals and essential oils, which has helped thousands of people with their pain, and they're now focusing on growing their online business through SEO and direct marketing.

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5. Pawstruck

Pawstruck is a dog treat business started by Kyle Goguen in 2014. Pawstruck uses JustUno for their business.

$1.75M / month
1 founders / 25 employees
Los Angeles, California, USA


How Kyle Goguen Started An Online Pet Supply Business

Pawstruck.com founder and CEO Kyle Goguen shares the story of how his all-natural, reasonably-priced pet supply e-commerce business became one of the fastest growing companies in the US, ranking #87 on the Inc 500 in 2018, and is projected to surpass 8 figures in revenue in 2019.

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6. ReGrained

ReGrained is a food startup started by Daniel Kurzrock in 2012. ReGrained uses JustUno for their business.

2 founders / 5 employees


7. Everyman

Everyman is a multi-tool brand started by James Montgomery in 2016. Everyman uses JustUno for their business.

$60K / month
2 founders / 2 employees
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA


On Acquiring And Scaling To $60K/Month An Everyday Carry Ecommerce Company

Everyman, an everyday carry eCommerce company, has been generating around $60,000 per month in revenue after completing a brand and website revamp last year, with an average of 35% returning customers who spend $50 or more on the site.

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8. invisaWear

invisaWear is a self-defense apps business started by Rajia Abdelaziz in . invisaWear uses JustUno for their business.


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