The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Stories Ads [2021]

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Stories Ads [2021]

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What Is Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram story ads exist within Instagram stories, and atop your news feed.

Did you know that 80% of active users on Instagram post at least 2-3 stories per week?

This means that stories drive a lot of traffic and story ads, in particular, can be a great option to promote your products and services.

If you decide to do a story ad, you'll want a specific call to action that can be followed by a simple "swipe up" which can direct the user to a brand's page, website or content.

In this post, we share insights on how you can promote your brand on Instagram Stories. Keep reading to find out more.

Instagram Story Ads Key Takeaways

Understanding how Instagram Story Ads Work

Instagram story ads exist within the Instagram stories as dividers.

Just as news feed Ads, it is not easy to tell Story ads from the organic Instagram stories.

Therefore, Instagram users will look at the Instagram story ads, and even share them with their friends and colleagues.

Ultimately, the Instagram story ads reach a wider audience.

You can create a link to your landing page on an Instagram Story ad. That way, you can grow website traffic organically. To access the post, Instagram users merely need to swipe up on the CTA arrow. Using Instagram Story ads can help you attain either of the following objectives:

  • Brand awareness: increase awareness for your brand by finding the audience more interested in your Story ads.
  • Increase your reach: such that your Story ads reach a maximum number of people
  • Maximize video views: by getting more people to view your Instagram video content
  • Increase Conversion Rates: As you drive users to take valuable actions on your website
  • Drive App installs: Gets more people to install your application.
  • Lead Generation: You can drive sales leads like email addresses and phone numbers
  • Increase organic traffic: Sends more people to your website.

Your business can run targeted ads through Instagram story ads, and attain the above results using a single ad.

You can view how the Instagram story ads perform in the insights section of your business profile on the application.

Real-World Examples Of Brands Using Instagram Story Ads

Here are cool examples of brands using Instagram Story Ads to reach wider audience and increase conversions.

1. How Qantas Instagram Story Ads Helped Drive Brand Awareness

Qantas, is a leading Australian airline. The airline launched its first campaign for the branded content platform via Instagram story ads.


The campaign helped Qantas drive brand awareness, ad recall, and earn recommendations among a millennial audience.

Here is what the brand's communication manager, had to say

At Qantas, we’re constantly innovating to tell our brand story in new, creative ways on mobile. Instagram was a natural fit to launch the first brand campaign for AWOL because it resonates with the millennial audience and allows us to tell really impactful visual stories that move brand metrics.

2. How Barbara Corcoran advertised upcoming Event Via Instagram Story Ad

Barbara Corcoran uses Instagram story ads to maximize reach and increase conversions.

In this example, she was advertising the upcoming webinar, aiming at getting maximum registration from the target audience.


The Instagram story ad features a clear Call to Action button “Swipe up To join Us”.

To encourage her audience to take action, she added a statement that communicates the value of signing up for the event.

You too can use Instagram story ads to maximize reach and attract conversions.

Getting Started With Instagram Story Ads

Watch this video tutorial for the complete guide on how to create Instagram story Ads


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