How To Get More Organic Traffic With Pinterest

How To Get More Organic Traffic With Pinterest


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Pinterest generates Organic traffic for you for free

What Is Organic Pinterest Traffic?

Pinterest organic traffic refers to visitors that land on your website after using Pinterest without a referral from a paid advertisement.

Pinterest can be an amazing source of traffic so long as you create visually appealing content in a relevant niche.

Getting organic Pinterest traffic is simple once you understand it.

Organic Pinterest Traffic Key Takeaways

  • Pinterest generates organic traffic via recommendations based on people's search history, activity, and interactions on Pinterest.
  • To attract organic Pinterest traffic, tailor your pin titles and descriptions based on what your audience would search
  • Content is the key to organic Pinterest traffic. Tapping and reusing the existing evergreen content is a great strategy to attract organic Pinterest traffic.

Understanding How Organic Pinterest Traffic Works

Pinterest is a great tool for generating organic traffic to your landing page.

According to statistics, Pinterest has over 1 Billion visits per month. That traffic makes it well worth the effort to get traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Add pin-worthy images on product pages and fill your pages with valuable content that is most likely to be shared on Pinterest.

Encourage visitors to pin your content, and provide a simplified pinning process. ensure the profile, pins, and boards are optimized to increase visibility.

Real-World Examples Of Websites Generating Organic Pinterest Traffic Successfully

1. How Alex Nerney gets 200K monthly visitors (through Pinterest)

Alex Nerney an American Entrepreneur who attained much success by leveraging organic Pinterest traffic.


The entrepreneur has built a huge following on Pinterest and through the Pinterest strategy, he drives more than 200,000 organic monthly visits to his website Avocadu.


Alex attributes his success to the ability to ensure the entire design and content strategy curated around his target audience.

2. PetPlan grew to 47K followers on Pinterest

Petplan is a leading pet insurer with over 49 years of experience helping pets through illness and injury.


The pet insurance company has focused on providing engaging and relevant content through Pinterest. Their Pinterest content focuses on health tips, an initiative that has helped the company to generate more web traffic.

How To Start Generating Organic Pinterest Traffic

  • Create a Pinterest business account
  • Target keywords for Pinterest SEO
  • Create and publish fresh pins that direct to valuable resources
  • Aim to growing your followers and reach
  • Use relevant keywords in your board names
  • Ensure pin descriptions feature several keywords
  • Use guided search to know the type of words people are searching for on Pinterest
  • Join a group board
  • Apply for rich pins
  • Pin consistently

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