The $600K/year "Bitcoin for ads"

The $600K/year "Bitcoin for ads"

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How Personalized Email Campaigns Increased Revenue By 57%

"In previous years we have learned that most of our Black Friday revenue was from recurring customers and that spending more on ads did not equal more returns. So we turned to our best channel for retention: old-fashioned e-mail marketing. Remember that, kids?

In total, we sent out 13 campaigns over 7 days---which is an increase of 147% of our regular weekly e-mail volume. By segmenting and personalizing our campaigns we managed to increase revenue by 57,6% year-over-year, with 6 digit revenue numbers. The segmentations also meant less e-mail fatigue for our customers: our open and click rates stayed above the industry average. You might say our e-mails found them well."

How I Created A $4.2M/Year Electric Bike Brand

"After creating a very modest business plan, I decided to go all in. I ordered roughly 25 bikes, put them in a storage facility (I didn't have a garage in my small Venice beach apartment at the time), and began to sell them through guerilla marketing, one by one, building them on the porch in my modest beach shack. Luckily, I had the support from family, friends, and random customers to take a leap of faith on my product and after the first few shipments, I was able to make adjustments and product updates to order 2x to 5x."

How We Expanded Our Product Line And Increased Sales By 89% 

"Our average order value increased, as well as online store sessions, which have converted 24% higher than previous years.

Working with our web development team, we have targeted our growth in a multi-pronged way:

  • Targeted pay per click & google shopping campaigns
  • Developing SEO & organic traffic
  • Social Media
  • Developing web store functionality to help conversions
  • Increasing product ranges
  • New content, articles & features to engage existing and new customers"

My Patented "Bitcoin For Ads"  Make $600K/Year

"Getting and keeping customers is hard. I started cold emailing agencies and networks. Mind you, we have to get agencies to join the program, get billboard owners to buy in and then, only then chase customers! Partnerships seemed like the best approach to reach critical mass sooner. So I started negotiating.

In three months I signed 2K billboards, 1K agencies and joined 10 organizations. In the following month, I hit Canada. Concurrently I was building the sites, apps, learning more about crypto, and filing a never-ending stream of paperwork."

I Started A $1M/Year Software Development Agency After Moving From Venezuela To Miami

"PPC ads perform poorly for B2B customers. The B2B world and consumers have different habits to decide providers and partners. First of all, they think about you about actually that, a partner. So not only pricing is important, trust and cultural preferences are also important. Also, B2B purchases tend to require more research and learning from the person in charge."

I Make $80K/Month Selling SEO and Lead Generation Services

"The first 2-years I really worked upon building a dependable pipeline of clients through cold outreach, LinkedIn, Upwork, Facebook and more. It's only truly been in the last 6-months I've been able to take the time to allow SEO to drive our enquiries.

The whole process of launching the business has really been about grafting every day to do outreach, pitch and win clients whilst in parallel trying to build the brand - and the brand growth now has been instrumental in helping us win new clients."

We Built A Six-Figure Collaboration Tool For Microsoft Word [Over 10K Users]

"Most people collaborate on Microsoft Word documents by emailing them back and forth with Track Changes using crazy filenames like 'ContractV27DAVES_EDITS'. Simul provides a better way.

We have over 10,000 users in 65 countries, including Microsoft, Harvard University, Samsung, Disney, and more. We're currently at $140k annual recurring revenue and doubling every year."

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