Deal hunters

Deal hunters

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Follow the leather

Did you know that the average person is wearing four leather products at any given time?

Pretty crazy if you think about it. But when you start looking at the global leather goods market size it starts to make sense: it was estimated at $407.92 billion in 2021.

In fact, I think it’s such an overlooked product that even I wasn’t aware of the number of companies using leather that we had interviewed.

The latest example is this family who started a $1.2M/year business from their garage.

But there are more:


Leather is a very versatile material and you can create lots of different products with it - and make huge money:

Want to start your own leather goods business? Check out this thorough guide to get started.

By the numbers:

Our take:

Leather is classy and never goes out of style, this makes it easier to place higher price tags. It has a very high perceived value.

A nice car? It has leather seats. A nice wallet? It’s made of leather. It’s wired in our minds like that.

However, you may not find this idea appealing because it seems too complicated to implement. But finding a supplier of this material and a company that can manufacture your products is not as difficult as it may seem.


Deal hunters

The first discount coupon ever created was invented by Coca-Cola in 1887. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

People love to save money. Even if it’s just a dollar or two. That’s why coupons and discounts work. They make you think about buying something - even if you didn’t have the intention of buying -  just to take advantage of that discount.

That’s why Groupon was able to reach a $12.7 billion valuation at one point.

And that’s also why this business makes $360K/year sourcing discount coupons.

The beauty of it is that you can make it work essentially in any space:

More things to love about this type of business? It has a super low entry barrier. There’s no need to build a complicated tech product nor to raise lots of money, it can be started with a free newsletter service!

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Quick hitters

(1) This woman built a 240K/year business after getting fired. Nobody wants to get sacked. It can be traumatic and will certainly alter your future plans. But for those with an itch to start a business, sometimes can be a blessing.

These founders started successful businesses after losing their jobs:

(2) This runner created a $540K/year solution to heal his body. Somehow, bone broth worked wonders in his body. Invested his last $500 and started making the first batches from his kitchen.

I love how projects started in people’s kitchens can become huge businesses:


One last thing...

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