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Tom Worcester is an American entrepreneur. Tom started Lunchbox in 2018 and is based in New York City, NY.[1]

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Tom started Lunchbox in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Lunchbox?

While I didn’t know it then, the idea behind Lunchbox started when I was four years old.

As a kid I lost 70% of my hearing due to a pre-existing condition and an unfortunate accident with the kitchen table. Growing up, song lyrics and high-frequency sounds were almost impossible to detect. However it was at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, my first music festival, when I first felt the vibrations of the heavy bass, reverberating off of the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami - the ultimate low-frequency sound (which I could hear!). Not only was I able to finally hear the music, I could truly feel it.


While certainly life-changing, Ultra Music Festival was also eye-opening. At Ultra Miami 2018, long water lines forced me to miss the act I was most excited to see, security took my bag at the gate for being questionably oversized, and pickpockets targeted many of my friends, putting a damper on the whole event. Inspired by these unfortunate events, I made it my mission to provide a solution to these top festival issues.

Within a week, I began to research, conceptualize, and engineer what would eventually become Lunchbox. We interviewed hundreds of people to fully understand how they experience festivals. We asked questions about how they think about theft, water lines, and everything in between when at an event.

We went through prototype after prototype, never truly satisfied in our relentless pursuit of a perfect product. We worked with the same design team that previously handled the Burton Ski&Snowboard line release, and visited factories all over the world to discover the best partners to bring this dream to life.

Lunchbox may have been born in April 2018, but it really came to life in November when we held our first ever factory prototypes from Vietnam.

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