Pro Tip: Promote Your Social Media When Sending Emails

Updated: October 8th, 2022

Social Media (Organic)

Every email you send is an opportunity to extend the reach of your social media following. Include your social media handles in your email footer.

Adding social media icons to the footer of all of your emails (both personal and marketing emails) is a simple & easy way to boost your social media presence.

Key Takeaways

Including social media links in your emails:

  • Allows recipients to find you on social media
  • Increases chances of gaining followers
  • Gives subscribers an alternative way to engage with you

Sharing your social media handles is different from the social sharing feature. We recommend using icons to make your copy stand out (and to save space).

Example of well-linked social media profiles ([source](

Example of well-linked social media profiles (source)

How To Add Social Media Handles On Email Signature

One way to boost your social media strategy and drive people to your social content on a regular basis is to add social media handles to every email.

Adding the social media handles to your email signature directs your email recipient to your different social media platforms. That way, you will gain post engagements, increase followers, and gain leads.

To appear professional, add the official social media icons with links to your platform. (Download the social media icons here).

After the download, copy the URL to your platform and hyperlink the icons to your platform directly.

You do not have to go through the hassle of adding the social media handles on every email you are sending.

All you need to do is to create an email signature that includes the social media handles. Therefore, whenever you are composing an email to your followers, social media icons will appear.

Including social media links to all email signatures, offers the target market another avenue to continue your business relationship outside of traditional communication channels

Best Practices On Adding Social Media Handles To Your Email Signature


  • Don't add too many social media icons to your email signature. The example below feels overcrowded because it has so many social media icons.


  • Add social media icons rather than links

  • Avoid adding links to inactive social media platforms

  • To attract engagements, do include the “follow us” phrase before the social media icons


Benefits of Including Social Media Handles to your Email Campaigns

  1. Traffic generation: Email can be an effective channel for increasing traffic to your social media channels
  2. Promotes brand awareness: Email recipients will begin consuming your social media content geared towards creating brand awareness
  3. Lead Nurturing: As you direct your email subscribers to your social media platforms, they begin checking out social media campaigns, increasing their chances of purchasing.
  4. Grow social media followers organically: Including social media handles in your email attracts more followers.
  5. Increase social media engagement: Some email subscribers may prefer social media for engagement.

Real World Examples Of Email Campaigns With Social Media Handles

Here are examples of email campaigns that feature social media handles.

1. How Semrush Drives Social Engagement By Adding Social Media Handles On Email Campaigns

Semrush marketing team is aware that adding social media handles to their email campaigns can increase social media followers. Therefore, they have added the social media handles strategically, so that the email recipients can follow them on different platforms.

Here is one great example of Semrush email campaigns that include their social media handles:


In this campaign, they included social media handles to their most active social media pages. Besides, the social media handles are easy to find, increasing the chances of converting.

2. How Everyday Food Turns their Every email Into a Social Media Strategy

This email example from Martha Stewart of Everyday food, illustrates how to turn your email campaigns into a social media strategy.


In her emails, Martha adds the social media icons in the upper right corner of the header.

Overall, the email is well balanced and the social media icons are visible and well-positioned to attract the right amount of attention. Therefore, the social media handles get more clicks, translating to more traffic and social media reach.

How To Add Social Media Handles To Your Email Signature

  1. Access the email settings page
  2. Go to signature editor
  3. Insert the icons into your email signature editor
  4. Link the icon to your social media profiles
  5. Test before sending the first email

Watch this video for complete instructions on how to add social media handles to your email signature

Online Email signature Generator Tools

You can use online tools to create and add social media handles to your email signature. Here are some of the tools to use:

  1. Hubspot Email Signature Generator.: Best for small brands and influencers.
  2. MailSignatures: Free Email Signature Generator
  3. Signature Maker: A free web-based tool, that helps you create your handwritten digital signature, within few seconds
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