Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement In 2024

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement refers to responding to comments, likes, and shares by social media users.

Through social media engagement, a brand can measure how consumers perceive their products, respond to complaints and amplify positive comments about the brand.

Engaging social media users is a great approach to measure whether the content you are creating is resonating with your audience.

Social Media Engagement Key Takeaways

  • Improving Social media engagement involves more than just receiving likes or new followers on social media.
  • By building social media engagements, your brand will benefit from a better marketing reach and greater brand awareness
  • Social media posts with more active and thoughtful interactions will get your brand more social media to reach.

Understanding How Social Media Engagement Works

Businesses use social media to build brand awareness. to achieve the objective, it is imperative that a brand fosters social media engagements.

Posting relevant content on social media will attract responses from your brand followers and general social media users.

The social media users will react to your social media posts through:

  • Shares or retweets
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Followers and audience growth
  • Click-throughs
  • Mentions (either tagged or untagged)
  • Using branded hashtags

Whenever a social media user responds to your post, show you recognize the action by re-sharing, commenting, mentioning, or other appropriate responses.

Real-World Examples of Social Media Engagement

1. Buffer

Buffer is a provider of essential tools to help small businesses get off the ground and grow,

This company has realized that people share frustrations on social media.

Although it might feel intimidating to respond to negative comments, Buffer sends comments whenever there is a mention online.


The approach taken by buffer in the above example is a clear indication that indeed social media engagement matters.

If the team at buffer did not take up the matter quickly, probably the customer would escalate to online communities and different social media platforms, and tarnish the brand's reputation.

2. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic maintains an active social media engagement.

The company’s Twitter platform illustrates how the company responds to social media user’s comments.


By monitoring the social media mentions, the company has been able to use the platforms as a customer service channel and responds to inquiries and comments within a short time than they would be able if the company did not monitor the social media engagements.

Getting Started With Social Media Engagement

  • Analyze social media engagement
  • Select a strategy that suits your business goals
  • Know your social media audience
  • Create and share valuable content
  • Join an ongoing conversation
  • Practice a reactive and proactive social media engagement
  • Show your human sign
  • Ensure speedy response time
  • Use social media engagement tools to ensure you do not miss a conversation.

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