A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up An Active Mobile Marketing Campaign

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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mobile marketing fees will range between some few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is any advertising activity that promotes products and services via a mobile device. This form of marketing may include sending promotions via text message, push notifications through downloaded apps, or scanning QR codes using mobile devices.

Do you know that there are over 6 billion Smartphone users worldwide?. As these statistics make clear, businesses can expand their reach if they deploy do mobile marketing effectively.

In this post, we will look at how startups can run effective mobile marketing campaigns. Let's jump straight in!

Mobile Marketing Key Takeaways

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

In recent years, people have shifted their attention to mobile. Because of this, marketers are creating marketing campaigns that specifically target mobile device users.

Mobile marketing uses location-based services to deliver ads to the target audience.

To enhance mobile marketing campaigns, marketers rely on proximity marketing systems to communicate directly with the customer via a mobile device.

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Marketing?

Here are some good reasons for you to use mobile marketing

1. Easy To Reach The Target Audience

The majority of US adults have their mobile devices by their side almost all day.

Reports show that people check their phones 58 times a day on average with more than half of those occurring during working hours.

Such huge accessibility of mobile devices makes it easier for marketers to reach the target audience.

2. Gives Advertisers A Huge Potential For Delivering Personalized Ads

With mobile marketing, advertisers can deliver personalized ad messages to the target audience at any time and any place.

Advertisers use location-based targeting and proximity systems to deliver the right message to the right audience.

This increases the potential for converting a larger percentage of the target audience, compared to using traditional marketing methods like national radio.

3. Mobile Messages Can Go Viral

People love to share text messages with friends and families. Others will take screenshots and post them to social media platforms.

Therefore, mobile marketing offers the potential for things to go viral, leading to wider exposure at no extra effort or cost.

4. Advertisers Can Generate Faster Conversions

Using mobile marketing means you are reaching the target audience in real-time.

Consider that whenever the phone vibrates, the user will check the alert.

In most cases, mobile device users will take action immediately.

5. Cost-Effective Advertising Method

Sending text messages to thousands of recipients is way much cheaper compared to running a one-page print advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

Therefore, mobile marketing is ideal for startups and other businesses looking to lower the cost of advertising.

6. Generates High ROI

Mobile ads cost less and reach a larger audience.

With a high number of impressions and a low cost, advertisers enjoy a high return on investment.

Real-World Examples Of Mobile Marketing

1. How Pizza Capers Delivers Targeted Ads Via Mobile

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel strategy. One of the effective ways to market on mobile is by sending SMS to your subscribers.

[Pizza Capers]( https://www.pizzacapers.com.au/, is good at mobile marketing, especially when it comes to sending SMS to their target audience.

They understand that mobile marketing opens up the possibilities for gamified marketing, as illustrated in this example.


Going by this example, it is clear that mobile marketing enables brands to capture customer responses, that could be used to guide future marketing campaigns.

2. Ticketmaster Sends Push Notifications To Customers

Another relevant example of how mobile marketing works is this one from Ticketmaster.


For Ticketmaster, segmenting your audience provides the best way for delivering mobile marketing campaigns.

Thus, Ticketmaster categorized users based on the events that they are interested in.

To enhance the performance of the ads, the company used geo-targeting, a strategy that attracted the audience's attention, especially because the ads are familiar to them.

Use push notifications to grow app engagement and increase your sales revenue.

How to Create An Active Mobile Marketing Campaign

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create and launch an active mobile campaign.

Step1. Define The Objectives

Like any other marketing campaign, your mobile marketing should focus on attaining predetermined objectives.

Examples of campaign objectives include:

  • Generating an X number of mobile opt-ins
  • Attain a certain sales goal
  • Distribute coupons to comeback customers
  • Attract event registrations

Therefore, do not start setting up a mobile marketing campaign without coming up with a clear objective.

Step2. Determine Target Audience

When defining the target audience, make sure you align them with the campaign objectives.

Note that the type of audience you target will impact your overall ROI.

It is especially important you verify that the target audiences have mobile devices and that they are active users.

Step3. Choose the Right Mobile Marketing Strategy

Which mobile marketing method is likely to provide more value to the customers?

For instance, some customers might be users of Smartphones, but they do not like installing apps.

In such a case, push notifications will not do well, and so SMS marketing seems the better option.

Therefore, examine the different mobile marketing methods and determine which one seems to yield better results.

Step4. Test and Launch the Mobile Marketing Campaign

Do not make the mistake of launching a mobile campaign without testing it. Sending ads to the wrong people could result in regrets. Therefore, make sure you have tested the campaign before sending it out.

Step5. Measure Results

To make decisions going forward, it is important you measure the campaign results.

Therefore, look at the objectives, and come up with a report of how the campaign has performed over time.

Based on the results, you will be in a position to determine how effective the campaign has been.


Mobile marketing is already yielding results to those businesses that do it right. Are you ready to start a mobile marketing campaign?

Make sure you create a compelling message to attract conversions from your target audience.

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