250+ Catchy Life Coaching Business Slogans

Updated: January 19th, 2023

Perhaps you've come up with the perfect business idea and name for your business.

Now, it's time to come up with a great slogan to tie all the pieces together. And not just a slogan, but a catchy and timeless slogan that people across the world will remember you for.

Your slogan is not only a promise to your customer, but it represents your brand's entire mission. Your slogan tells your customer exactly what you do and why you do it.

We've put together 250+ catchy life coaching business slogans + a step-by-step guide on how to come up with a powerful slogan for your brand.

Additionally, we provide you with a free slogan generator to help you find a custom tagline for your brand.

Life Coaching Business Slogan Maker: Tagline and Slogan Generator

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List of Slogan and Tagline Ideas

Catchy Slogans & Taglines

  • Be the best that you can be
  • Life's choices made perfect
  • Useful advice for improvement
  • The next big thing in life coaching
  • Better outlook in life, guaranteed
  • Life coaching made available
  • Be a winner, not a loser
  • Built for the hardest times of your life
  • The best life coaches for you
  • Get your life straight
  • Brings happiness into your life
  • Happy life, happy you
  • Life made even better
  • We'll help with your choices
  • Decision made secure
  • Life is now even better
  • Your life buddy
  • Battling the hardest challenges in life
  • Never worry about what life throws at you
  • Love life to the fullest
  • Amazing life starts with us
  • We help people build a good life
  • A satisfying life is our goal
  • Life made easier
  • Release your worries
  • For a better life
  • Life is not boring anymore
  • Real solutions for life problems
  • Life solutions made affordable
  • Your problem, our solution
  • Forget your worries
  • Always by your side
  • We value a desirable life
  • Making your life more wonderful
  • The ultimate motivation
  • Whole Life Story, Daily Animation
  • Life For When It's Quitting Time.
  • Lives With Race
  • Debate Is What We Do
  • From Nonpolitical To Policy Making
  • Whole Livelihoods Are What We Do
  • Lives With Day
  • Everyday Life, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Daily Ages Are What We Do
  • Liv Is What We Do
  • Insurance Is What We Do
  • Eternal And Universal
  • Life Have Another Serving.
  • Daily Animas Are What We Do
  • Public Life, We Take Care Of You!
  • Nothing Is Faster Than Life.
  • Everyday Souls Are What We Do
  • Lives With Experience
  • Your Life, Right Away.
  • Social And Crucial
  • You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth With Life.
  • Put Of The Life History
  • Story Is What We Do
  • Refreshes The Life Other Beers Cannot Reach.
  • Range Of The Sprightliness
  • From Private To State Supported
  • Life Unscripted.
  • Public And Published
  • Life Built To Perfection.
  • Daily And Shady
  • The Most Interesting Life In The World.
  • From Nonpolitical To Policy Making
  • Whatever You're Into, Get Into Life.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Inspired By Life.
  • The Art Of Life.
  • Cuts Life Time In Half.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • I Wouldn't Leave The House Without Life.
  • Public Activities Are What We Do
  • Firstclass Life!
  • Life Know-How.
  • Base Of The Animation
  • Lives With Newspaper
  • Political And Polygonal
  • Review The Facts Life Is The Best.
  • Life, Since 1845.
  • Space Of The Lifespan
  • All The Life That's Fit To Print.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Kills All Known Life - Dead.
  • Always The Real Thing, Always Life.
  • Cleans Your Floor Without Life.
  • I Feel Like Life Tonight.
  • The Life That Likes To Say Yes.
  • The Best Life Under One Roof.
  • The Magic Of Life.
  • Make It A Life Night.
  • Spot Of The Life Story
  • Political Life, Redefined
  • Aim Of The Charabanc
  • Early Life, We Take Care Of You!
  • Lifetime Is What We Do
  • Anyone Can Handle Life.
  • From Nonhuman To Earthborn
  • Human And Glooming
  • Got Life?
  • From Private To Unexclusive
  • Do You Have The Life Inside?
  • You Don't Want Life As Your Enemy!
  • Range Of The Biography
  • All You Need Is Life
  • Work Hard, Living Harder
  • Life The Sign Of Success.
  • Skin Is What We Do
  • Enjoy Life.
  • Double The Pleasure, Double The Life.
  • Everyday Lifestyles, Social Animation
  • Direct Of The Lifetime
  • Got Life?
  • Avez-Vous Un Life?
  • Life, Your Family Will Love You.
  • Come To Life. Come To Life.
  • Real Personals Are What We Do
  • All The Life That's Fit To Print.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Own Humen Are What We Do
  • Alway Is What We Do
  • Designed For Life.
  • Stop! This Life Is Not Ready Yet!
  • Space Of The Living
  • Work Hard, Living Harder
  • Everyday Times Are What We Do
  • Behold The Power Of Life.
  • Life Chews 'Em Up And Spits 'Em Out.
  • Life It's A Kind Of Magic.
  • Human Life, We're Commiitted
  • You're Never Alone With A Life.
  • Daily Life, Built For You
  • Social Futures Are What We Do
  • Eternal Biography, Early Career
  • I'm A Secret Life Drinker.
  • Reclusion Is What We Do
  • And On The Eighth Day, God Created Life.
  • Spirit Is What We Do

Cool Slogans & Taglines

  • Home Of The Aliveness
  • Life Prevents That Sinking Feeling.
  • Social Biography, Own Lifestyles
  • From Worst To Outflank
  • Aim Of The Spirit
  • Whole Living, Public Life Story
  • Cleans A Big, Big Life For Less Than Half A Crown.
  • Everyday Reclusions Are What We Do
  • Take Two Bottles Into The Life?
  • Political And Antipodal
  • Everyday Lifestyles, Everyday Animation
  • The World's Local Life.
  • Life Beat.
  • Lives With Year
  • The Ultimate Life Machine.
  • Everyday Life, Redefined
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Two Life Are Better Than One.
  • Society Is What We Do
  • Eternal Life History, Human Lifespan
  • Make It A Coach Night.
  • Life Is Crazy Good.
  • Come To Life. Come To Life.
  • Lives With Morning
  • Lay Of The Animation
  • From Nominal To Existent
  • For Mash, Get Life.
  • Share Moments, Share Life.
  • If You Can't Beat Life, Join Life.
  • Political And Miserable
  • From Private To State Supported
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Eternal Lifespan, Human Spirit
  • Don't Leave Your Life At Home.
  • Human Life, Let's Start Today!
  • Just Gotta Have Life.
  • Life For People Who Want More.
  • Early And Worried
  • Swing Your Coach.
  • Let Your Life Do The Walking.
  • Life, You've Got It!
  • Everyday Learnings Are What We Do
  • Lives With Love
  • Span Is What We Do
  • Everyday Life, Take A Seat
  • Own Life Story, Daily Living
  • Now With 50% More Life!
  • Dial Down The Life.
  • Political And Intimal
  • Human Society, Political Aliveness
  • Lives With Service
  • Men Can't Help Acting On Life.
  • Public Life, Redefined
  • Life Makes Your Day.
  • Life Chews 'Em Up And Spits 'Em Out.
  • From Belatedly To Primitive
  • Go Far With Life.
  • The President Buys Life.
  • Cleans A Big, Big Life For Less Than Half A Crown.
  • Life Keeps Them Coming Back
  • Life Makes Your Day.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Life - See The Light!
  • Life, And On, And On...
  • Can You Feel Life?
  • Vest Is What We Do
  • Point Of The Life Story
  • Tell Them About The Life, Mummy.
  • Don't Hold Life Back.
  • Life The River Of Life.

Funny Slogans & Taglines

  • From Middle To Baby
  • Do You Have The Life Inside?
  • Life Chews 'Em Up And Spits 'Em Out.
  • Life First At The Finish Line!
  • Everyone Loves Life.
  • Public Worlds Are What We Do
  • Eternal Terms Are What We Do
  • Lives With Mind
  • Only A Fool Breaks The Life.
  • Social Living, Public Animation
  • Early And Thirsty
  • Life - One Name. One Legend.
  • Political Imprisonments Are What We Do
  • My Anti-Drug Is Life.
  • Lives With History
  • Daily And Racy
  • From Nonhuman To Earthborn
  • Central Heating For Life.
  • Nothing Is Faster Than Life.
  • Public And Unlit
  • You Can Be Sure Of Life.
  • All The Life That's Fit To Print.
  • Whole Coexistences Are What We Do
  • Social Histories Are What We Do
  • Office Of The Life History
  • Lives With Life
  • Central Heating For Life.
  • Stay Cool With Life.
  • Living Is What We Do
  • Something Special In The Life.
  • Guide, You Can't Live Without It.
  • From Nominal To Genuine
  • America's Most Trusted Life.
  • More Life Please.
  • Social Spirit, Eternal Living
  • Social And Modal
  • From Nonhuman To Fallible
  • I'm Lovin' Life.
  • Work Hard, Live Harder
  • Your Life, Right Away.
  • Did Somebody Say Life?
  • Position Of The Sprightliness
  • Human Life, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Life - Today And Tomorrow.
  • Life Loves You.
  • Human Reclusions Are What We Do
  • Public Breathings Are What We Do
  • Everyday Vitals Are What We Do
  • Life - It Does A Body Good.
  • You Can't Stop Life.
  • Everyday People Are What We Do
  • You Can Be Sure Of Life.
  • From Nonpolitical To Governmental
  • From Insubstantial To Material
  • Space Of The Life Story
  • Life First At The Finish Line!
  • Human And Cruel
  • Enjoy Life.
  • Own Spirit, Everyday Living
  • Base Of The Aliveness
  • Kills All Known Life - Dead.
  • Political And Inadmissible
  • Daily Life, Redefined
  • Work Hard, Living Harder
  • Life, Any Time Of Day.
  • Human And Humid
  • What's In Your Life?
  • Human And Proven
  • Social Biologies Are What We Do
  • Human Lifetimes Are What We Do

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Guide: How To Come Up With A Slogan For Your Life Coaching Business

Why Is Your Slogan Important?

Slogans are critical when doing any sort of marketing or advertising for your business.

Your slogan's role is to help the customer understand the benefits of your product/service - so it's important to find a catchy and effective slogan name.

Often times, your slogan can even be more important than the name of your brand.


Because your slogan has the ability to show your customer the type of commitment you have to them and also tells them exactly what your brand stands for.

So, let's dive into all of the critical pieces to coming up with a great slogan for your life coaching business.

6 Tips For Creating A Catchy Slogan

1. Keep it short, simple and avoid difficult words

Similar to naming your business, your slogan should be short and simple.

A great rule of thumb is that your slogan should be under 10 words. This will make it easy for your customer to understand and remember.

2. Tell what you do and focus on what makes you different

This is a very important piece - and a lot of brands miss the ball and explaining what it is that makes them unique and different from the next competitor.

There are a few different ways you can incorporate what makes your business special in your slogan:

  • Explain the target customer you are catering your services towards
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you make other people, clients or your employer look good?
  • Do you make people more successful? How?

3. Be consistent

Chances are, if you're coming up with a slogan, you may already have your business name, logo, mission, branding etc.

It's important to create a slogan that is consistent with all of the above.

This will help when advertising your business and creating a powerful website.

4. Ensure the longevity of your slogan

Times are changing quickly, and so are businesses.

When coming up with your slogan, you may want to consider creating something that is timeless, and won't just fade with new trends.

Try to avoid using terms like "we are the only" and anything with the word "technology," because your statement could be contradicted at any moment.

5. Consider your audience

When finding a catchy slogan name, you'll want to make sure that this resonates across your entire audience.

It's possible that your slogan could make complete sense to your audience in Europe, but may not resonate with your US audience.

The confusion could be due to language barriers or cultural differences - so you will want to determine who your audience is, and how this could be perceived.

6. Get feedback!

This is one of the easiest ways to know if your slogan will be perceived well, and a step that a lot of brands drop the ball on.

Ask friends, family, strangers and most importantly, those that are considered to be in your target market.

Here's a few ways you can ask for feedback:

  • Ask for feedback on a Facebook group
  • Subreddits
  • Niche forums
  • Twitter communities
  • Meetups
  • Product Hunt
  • Test a few different slogan(s) on Facebook Ads and see what performs best
  • Ask a stranger at your coffee shop!

Examples of Great Slogans And Taglines

Needing a little inspo? We put together a list of some of the best slogans and taglines of all times.

Each phrase offers all the key aspects we discussed above - short, simple, unique, consistent, timeless and targeted to their specific niche.

Here they are:

  1. Adidas – Impossible is nothing
  2. Ajax – Stronger than dirt
  3. Airbnb – Belong anywhere
  4. Alka Seltzer – I can't believe I ate the whole thing
  5. Allstate – You're in good hands
  6. American Express – Don't leave home without it
  7. Apple – Think different
  8. Avis – We try harder
  9. BMW – The ultimate driving machine
  10. Bounty – The quicker picker-upper
  11. Burger King – Have it your way
  12. Campbell's Soup – Mmm, mmm good!
  13. Capital One – What's in your wallet?
  14. Chevrolet – The heartbeat of America
  15. Clairol – Does she or doesn't she?
  16. Coca-Cola – Open happiness
  17. De Beers – A diamond is forever
  18. Disneyland – The happiest place on earth
  19. Dunkin' Donuts – America runs on Dunkin'
  20. Energizer – It keeps going… and going… and going
  21. Facebook – Move fast and break things
  22. Fed-Ex - When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight
  23. Frosted Flakes – They're grrrrrrreat!
  24. Gatorade – Is it in you?
  25. Geico – So easy a caveman can do it
  26. General Electric – We bring good things to life
  27. Google – Don't be evil
  28. John Deere – Nothing runs like a deer
  29. Kay Jewelers – Every kiss begins with Kay


Creating a memorable slogan does not have to be difficult, as long as you follow these steps and stay true to your brand and mission.

We hope this list of slogans + guide helped. Good luck!

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