3 Side Hustle Tips Business Success Stories [2022]

3 Side Hustle Tips Business Success Stories [2022]
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Here are some real life success stories of starting a side hustle tips business:

1. CleanLots.com ($660K/year)

Brian Winch (from Alberta, Canada) started *CleanLots.com * about 41 years ago.

$55K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Alberta, Canada

Case Study

Hi, I’m Brian Winch, owner, author, and creator of Cleanlots - America’s Simplest Business. I manage a simple environmental service that provides daily litter cleanup for property management companies. Our service is performed after hours on foot using unique hand tools. Almost as easy to do as going for a walk!

I started this business in 1981 as a side hustle with little money, education, and skills but plenty of passion, patience, and persistence. I quickly grew this gig into a successful full-time one-man operation, then scaled it into a yearly 6 figure business that utilizes an army of people to keep my city litter-free.


2. CleanLots.com

Cleanlots is America's simplest business. It's a parking lot cleanup business that any hard working person can earn a 6 figure income with. It's a business you can be proud of.

  • Estimated revenue: $55K/month
  • Business rank: #580K

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3. SideHustle.Tips

SideHustle.Tips is your source for the best home-based business ideas. Discover profitable side hustles and make extra money online!

  • Business rank: #2.01M

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