2 Things To Know When Starting A Successful Shopify Set Up Expert

Want to start your own shopify set up expert? Here are 2 tips you should know.

We've interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here's the best advice we discovered for becoming a shopify set up expert:

#1: Julia Jackle, founder of Creative971:

We chatted with with Julia, founder of Creative971 ($/month). In our interview, Julia says:

It is hard to always look at the bright side, but I’ve learned for sure not to regret missed opportunities, but rather learn from them, to avoid those in the future, and surely used the mistakes/poor decisions as a stepping stone.


If you are allowed to do something wonderful with boundless potential, you should be willing to accept the challenge, and you will discover that you have a lot more to accomplish without even realizing it.


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