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11 Seo Software Success Stories [2023]

11 Seo Software Success Stories [2023]
Develop A Seo Software

SEO software is a computer program that is designed to handle search engine optimization tasks by optimizing the website content, managing backlinks, and other SEO activities.

SEO is something that you need to do for your website or blog in order for it to get any traffic. Some of us are new to SEO, even if we are SEO experts. SEO isn't just a craft, but an art form as well.

Making your own SEO software is more than potentially profitable. It also lets you interact with the people who use your software and allows you to figure out best practices from the data you collect.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a seo software:

1. Prerender.io ($2.64M/year)

Todd Hooper (from Boulder, CO, USA) started Prerender.io over 9 years ago.

$220K / month
1 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

My name is Todd Hooper, and I’m a software engineer. I founded Prerender.io in 2014. Prerender.io allows search engines to crawl SEO-friendly versions of React, Angular, and Javascript websites.

As a solo founder and employee, I bootstrapped Prerender.io from zero to $2.5 million in ARR over 5 years!


2. Huckabuy ($1.32M/year)

Geoff Atkinson (from Park City) started Huckabuy over 8 years ago.

$110K / month
1 founders / 18 employees

Case Study

I’m Geoff Atkinson and I’m the Founder and CEO of Huckabuy. Huckabuy is an SEO software platform. Our products help Google find, crawl, and index your website so you can rank for more keywords, get more impressions on your search results, and drive more organic traffic to your website.

We offer two primary products: Automated Structured Data Markup and SEO Cloud, which leverages Google’s dynamic rendering and page speed initiatives. Structured data is the authoritative language that helps a search engine understand and contextualize website content. Dynamic rendering allows businesses to simultaneously serve one version of their website optimized for humans, and another version of the website optimized for search engines.


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4. SiteGuru ($60K/year)

Rick van Haasteren (from Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) started SiteGuru over 5 years ago.

$5K / month
1 founders / 0 employees
Katwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands

Case Study

Hey! My name is Rick van Haasteren and I run SiteGuru, an SEO tool for online marketers and website owners.

My current MRR is around $400. Enough to cover my hosting costs, not enough to quit my job.


5. SheerSEO ($360K/year)

Ayal Aldema (from Rehovot) started SheerSEO almost 16 years ago.

$30K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Ayal Aldema, and I’m the founder of SheerSEO, an online SEO software.

Today the business makes $30,000/month by selling SaaS service to both webmasters and SEO professionals.


6. H-supertools ($24K/year)

Hasan M. Aboul Hasan (from Beirut, Lebanon) started H-supertools over 3 years ago.

$2K / month
1 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

Hello, My name is Hasan, the founder of H-educate, H-supertools, and some other websites and services. I began working on H-supertools 2 years ago and launched it four months afterward.

Today, we have more than 80K Registered Users on the platform and more than 300K Visits each month, which, in a sense, is a high achievement for a new platform that took less than two years to build.


7. Morningscore ($660K/year)

Karsten Madsen (from Odense, Denmark) started Morningscore over 5 years ago.

$55K / month
4 founders / 9 employees

Case Study

I am the co-founder and CEO of Morningscore - an SEO tool built like a computer game. The tool gives you “missions'' that you have to complete. Once you do you level up your website. And as a bonus, you also grow your Google traffic in real life and make money for your business. We sell this software on a subscription basis. So we are a classic SAAS tool.

Luckily many customers seem to dig it. In roughly 3 years we managed to get +600 customers and reach an MRR of 40,000 USD. Nothing extraordinary but we did this without VC funding and still managed to do roughly 300% year over year growth on revenue the last 3 years.


8. SearchEye ($1.14M/year)

Chris Porteous (from Toronto, ON, Canada) started SearchEye over 3 years ago.

$95K / month
2 founders / 16 employees

Case Study

I’m Chris Porteous and I run a business called SearchEye. The way SearchEye works is we’re a platform where you can order anything you need for SEO (technical improvements, content, links, etc), and it’s magically fulfilled for you.

We’re used mainly by agencies, large companies, eCommerce websites, affiliate sites, you name it. The beauty is in the fact that while it’s complex to automate SEO deliverables, it’s entirely possible if you’re willing to do the long hard grind to make it happen, which we’ve done. We’re in closed alpha right now.


9. mangools ($6M/year)

Peter started KWFinder in 2014, a tool to find keywords. Since then, it has expanded into a SaaS that makes +$250k/month and employs 8 people.

$500K / month

Case Study

Peter started KWFinder in 2014, a tool to find keywords. Since then, it has expanded into a SaaS that makes +$250k/month and employs 8 people.

10. SEO Hacker ($1.01M/year)

Sean Si (from Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines) started SEO Hacker about 13 years ago.

$84K / month
1 founders / 50 employees

Case Study

I’m Sean Si and I started SEO Hacker when I was 22 years old. We currently offer 12 services including but not limited to Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Email Sales Automation to our partners, and our flagship service has been and always will be Search Engine Optimization.

We have been able to grow our annual revenue from $10,000 when I started to over $1,000,000 today.


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