8 Recruiting Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Recruiting Business

A recruiting business is a service and advice-based business that helps companies and organizations find the right candidates for their jobs. These businesses usually serve as a medium between the two entities to create a win-win situation. The job seeker can get the job of their dreams, while the business entity can get a fit candidate for the job.

Recruiting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Over the past ten years, businesses are struggling to find quality employees and candidates are searching for more opportunities. If you know this, then you have everything you need to make money fast with recruiting.

Starting a recruiting business from scratch is easier than you think. You can have your own staffing agency in just a few weeks and start making a great income while working less.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a recruiting business:

1. Techintern.io ($180K/year)

Kingsong Chen (from Toronto) started Techintern.io almost 3 years ago.

$15K / month
3 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

Hi, I’m Kingsong, CEO of Techintern.io. We connect startups and tech companies with the best software developer students at colleges across North America like Waterloo, Harvard, Berkeley, and more. We work with startups to hire really strong and motivated technical interns, many of who have experience at top companies like Google or Facebook.

We’ve worked with companies like Afterpay, Zumper, and Yugabyte and recently achieved #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt.


2. Talent Service ($180K/year)

Pavel Podkorytov (from San Francisco) started Talent Service over 1 year ago.

$15K / month
1 founders / 6 employees

Case Study

Hi everyone! My name is Pavel Podkorytov, and I am the founder of TalentService - a revolutionary developer-focused platform for employer assessment and remote recruitment. It is a platform that uses an innovative approach of reversed recruitment of IT talents: it's not the talents who have to prove to the companies their competencies and ability to fit in the company, but the recruiters who now need to prove to the talents that their culture and working environment of their company are suitable for the IT talent that they are recruiting.

The geography of talents comprises CIS, Eastern Europe, and India. Three of the top markets where job openings come from are the US, Germany, and the UK.


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4. FlexC ($240K/year)

Girish Kukreja (from Gurgaon, Haryana, India) started FlexC over 3 years ago.

$20K / month
2 founders / 25 employees

Case Study

Hi, I am Girish Kukreja, Founder and CEO at FlexC. I started FlexC about a year ago intending to disrupt the hiring space in India. We are a talent marketplace curated to help businesses hire and manage their hybrid workforce (permanent hire and flexible workforce).

With more organizations going hybrid, the ratio of hiring freelancers and contractors will increase to 20-30% of overall employees. And in this new age business era, FlexC aims to become the No.1 marketplace to help businesses smoothly transition during their journey.


5. Vettted ($1.2K/year)

Vasco Monteiro (from Lisbon, Portugal) started Vettted over 2 years ago.

$100 / month
2 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Building a marketplace is one of the hardest business models you can get into, but we’re extremely confident we’ll make it work.


6. The Agency Blueprint ($1.5M/year)

$125K / month
1 founders / 13 employees

Case Study
  • The Agency Blueprint is owned by James Blackwell. He assists business owners in achieving real, consistent, and measurable results through online coaching & recruitment.
  • In 2015, James made the bold decision to launch his own recruitment firm in Newcastle upon Tyne that would cater to both the UK and US markets.
  • James provides a tested and flexible model that company owners and agencies can use to scale beyond seven figures.
  • He currently earns more than $1,500,000 annually from his agency and has a net worth of $6,000,000.


Read the full story on disruptmagazine.com ➜

8. Restworld ($420K/year)

Luca Lotterio (from Torino, TO, Italia) started Restworld over 3 years ago.

$35K / month
4 founders / 13 employees

Case Study

Hi there, I’m Luca Lotterio from Italy, born in Rome, a psychologist that worked in restaurants around Europe and I’m currently in Turin developing Restworld, a matching HR platform vertical in the restaurant industry.

We’ve been working on algorithms, funnels, and matching algorithms for months bringing revenues from 0 to half a million in 2023, and now we’re almost ready to start scaling the company.


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