7 Real Estate Marketing Agency Success Stories [2023]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
Start A Real Estate Marketing Agency

If you're a marketing whiz, starting your own real estate marketing agency could be the perfect business idea for you. As a real estate marketing agency, you'll be responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns for clients in the real estate industry. This could include tasks like developing marketing materials, managing social media accounts, and conducting market research.

To be successful in this business, you'll need to have strong marketing and people skills. You'll also need to be comfortable working with a variety of clients. If you have these skills, starting your own real estate marketing agency can be a great way to make money in the real estate industry.

The salaries for those in the Real Estate Marketing industry are varied. The average earnings hover around ₹21lakhs, but can reach up to 50 lakh rupees depending on your qualifications and experience level.

The current trend of people searching for properties online is making the real estate marketing agency more popular than ever. In order to market a property effectively online, real estate agents need to work with a marketing agency that knows how to do just that. This trend is only expected to continue, so now is a great time to get involved in the real estate marketing business!

This is a great business idea for those with strong marketing skills. You can work with a variety of clients, which can be great for networking and building your business.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a real estate marketing agency:

1. Bloomy Lab ($480K/year)

Aleksandr Lanin (from Kyiv, Ukraine) started Bloomy Lab about 4 years ago.

$40K / month
3 founders / 19 employees
Kyiv, Ukraine

Case Study

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm the founder of Bloomy Lab. Our company focuses on health and fitness, productivity and life quality improvement. We mostly develop our own products, by now the most popular of them are Restly, 2 Minute Habits, Jiju, Poof, and City Property. Some of our apps even became Product of the day on Product Hunt. Our team is not so big: 2 UI/UX designers, 1 motion designer, 5 developers, 2 product managers and me as both a strategist and a product owner. Oh, we've also found a UA manager not long ago. Despite that, we've created 20 apps in half a year and nothing's gonna stop us!

We've launched our products without any ads (working on it now), that’s why we've only reached 40,000 downloads. Our apps were totally free and without in-app purchases, as our main goal was idea verification. By now we only get around $1,000 per month as money-making wasn't our main focus earlier. I hope we'll update that info really soon though.


2. Coffee and Contracts ($1.86M/year)

Haley Ingram (from St. Petersburg, FL, USA) started Coffee and Contracts about 2 years ago.

$155K / month
1 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

My name is Haley Ingram and I created Coffee and Contracts, the go-to marketing toolkit for real estate professionals.

As a child, I loved art and selling things! I held art shows in my bedroom and made my family purchase my work (only for their pocket change). I once sold a painted rock to a passerby at a yard sale. In high school, I sold graphic design t-shirts as a fundraiser. They weren’t good, but my friends showed their support anyway!


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4. D-MAK Productions ($360K/year)

Joe Forte (from Phoenix, Arizona, USA) started D-MAK Productions over 12 years ago.

$30K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Hi everyone! My name is Joe Forte and I am one of the owners and producers at D-MAK Productions, a content agency specializing in Phoenix video production. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies that you may have heard of such as Intel, Amazon, Apple, Denny’s, Cold Stone Creamery, and HP.

We primarily work on corporate, commercial, branded, and digital media productions and have been in business since 2011. We’ve averaged $350k a year in sales for the past 5 years or roughly $30k/month.


5. Flying V Group ($3M/year)

Robb Fahrion (from Irvine, California, USA) started Flying V Group over 7 years ago.

$250K / month
3 founders / 16 employees

Case Study

Hi there, my name is Robb Fahrion and I am the Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group, a digital marketing and advertising company located. We service clients all across the globe and help them grow their business through the power of the internet. My passion is for business and there is nothing more rewarding than helping others grow their businesses and share in their successes.

Today, Flying V Group employs 12 people, has worked with over 300 clients, operates internationally, and is on pace to double revenue for the second year in a row. Crazy to think about being here when my brother and I both got up and quit our corporate jobs and put $5k into the project to get us started!


6. The Agent Nest- Social Media and Marketing for Real Estate ($120K/year)

Molly founded The Agent Nest, a SaaS that provides digital and print content to real estate agents. She gets 75 trials/mo and will hit 10K MRR by September.

$10K / month

Case Study

Molly founded The Agent Nest, a SaaS that provides digital and print content to real estate agents. She gets 75 trials/mo and will hit 10K MRR by September.

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