5 Online Plant Store Success Stories [2023]

5 Online Plant Store Success Stories [2023]
Start An Online Plant Store

An online plant store is an excellent business venture any time of the year. No wonder, this idea is catching the fancy of many young entrepreneurs across the globe.

The market size of the plant and flower growing sector in the United States reached $15.23B in 2020. Starting a plant store from scratch isn't easy and it can be a daunting task, especially for newbies. There are a lot of things to consider. But the good news is, with online plant shopping on the rise, starting a plant storage business is easier than ever before.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a online plant store:

1. Decoralino ($24K/year)

Javier Sánchez (from Madrid, España) started Decoralino over 2 years ago.

$2K / month
2 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

We are two friends (Javier and Daniel) that have built several businesses together during the last 20 years. Javier is the technical guy and Daniel is the running business guy. We have built an e-commerce business.

We sell natural garden kits with air plants (a specific type of plant that does not need substrate and requires low maintenance) and other natural decorative elements (like glass vases, wood sticks, sea urchins, and others) to people that like home decoration and original gifts. We have been running the business for around 4 months and our average monthly revenue is around $2K.


2. Root Bridges ($324K/year)

Udit Khanna (from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) started Root Bridges over 7 years ago.

$27K / month
2 founders / 11 employees

Case Study

Hi! I’m Udit from Mumbai. I’m 30 years old and started Root Bridges 5 years back. Root Bridges is an online plants store that delivers plants direct to plant lovers across India. We’re focused on indoor plants and exotic species that are hard to find, easy to grow, and don’t need too much sunlight.

Our customers are first-time buyers, seasoned plant parents, and anyone who wants to get something beautiful for their home from across India. We currently clock sales of USD 350,000 per year, with our website doing particularly well in the pandemic (grown 200% YoY).


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4. Plant Circle ($1.2M/year)

Monika Kalinowska (from Berlin, Germany) started Plant Circle over 5 years ago.

$100K / month
1 founders / 12 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Monika Kalinowska and I’m the founder of Plant Circle, an online plant store for rare and tropical plants with headquarters in Berlin. I have started Plant Circle in 2017 after going through a burnout caused by my previous job in journalism.

Since the first year, Plant Circle has been almost quadrupling revenue each year, now arriving at +/-100k a month in 2021.


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