4 Market Researching Business Success Stories [2022]

4 Market Researching Business Success Stories [2022]
Start A Market Researching Business

Market research analysts research, compile, and analyze information on products and market conditions. The experts identify potential new markets, sales opportunities, and effective marketing strategies.

The employment of market research analysts is projected to grow rapidly over the coming years.

If you love helping businesses reach strategic decisions to excel and beat the competition, then starting a market research business can be fun and rewarding.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a market researching business:

1. SparkToro ($0/year)

Rand Fishkin (from Seattle, WA, USA) started SparkToro almost 5 years ago.

2 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

We started the company in 2018, raised a very unique round of funding, created open-sourced docs anyone can use and spent 18 months building this somewhat risky idea. When we finally launched in May 2020, we were pretty nervous the pandemic might sink our business, but thanks to high demand for this new concept, we turned the corner to profitability just six months later, and are now ~$75K in MRR.


2. MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt Ltd

Market Research Firm - MarketsandMarkets offers market research reports and custom research services on 30000 high growth opportunities. Currently serving more than 5000 customers worldwide including 80% of global fortune 1000 companies.

  • Website traffic: 510K/month
  • Business rank: #11.5K

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3. SparkToro

Our mission is to make it easy to discover the websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that reach your audience.

  • Website traffic: 290K/month
  • Business rank: #22.2K

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4. Research and Markets

World's largest and most respected Market Research resource. Searchable database of market research reports incorporating all niche and top industries.

  • Website traffic: 620K/month
  • Business rank: #23.3K

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