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6 Gym Success Stories [2023]

6 Gym Success Stories [2023]
Start A Gym

Over the last decade, more people across the globe have become self-aware of the importance associated with living a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, the gym has become a trend for millions of people, leading to a rapid increase in the size and popularity of the global fitness industry. According to statistics, the global fitness club industry is worth over $96 billion.

Therefore, starting a gym could be a great business opportunity.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a gym:

1. Live Fit ($720K/year)

Chris Anderson (from Overland Park, Kansas, USA) started Live Fit over 12 years ago.

$60K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Case Study

Hey everyone! I am Chris and in March 2011 I started Live Fit. Live Fit is a personal training company that was created to change the standards in the personal training industry. Early on I focused on building a company that is not only based on results, as most fitness companies are, but that is also focused very heavily on relationships. Relationships create trust, trust creates buy-in, and buy-in leads to the accountability and dedication it takes to get results.


2. Bells of Steel ($14.4M/year)

Kaevon Khoozani (from Russell, MB, Canada) started Bells of Steel over 12 years ago.

$1.2M / month
2 founders / 38 employees

Case Study

I’m Kaevon Khoozani, and my business is Bells of Steel, where we've been passionate about delivering affordable industry-leading fitness equipment since 2010.


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Need inspiration?

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Other resources

4. The LOOK Fitness ($480K/year)

Bryan Greene (from Newport Beach, CA, USA) started The LOOK Fitness over 7 years ago.

$40K / month
1 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

I am Bryan Greene, I own and started The LOOK Fitness in Newport Beach, California.

The LOOK Fitness is currently making $53,000 per month and growing monthly, fighting back from the hardships we've endured. We moved from our original location as we outgrew our first location and survived a drawn-out build-out that was supposed to take only two months, which took one year and eight months, and COVID in Southern California with some of the most strict closures.


5. BioFit ($240K/year)

John Zarbock (from St. Louis) started BioFit over 4 years ago.

$20K / month
1 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

My name is John Zarbock. I am the CEO and Founder of BioFit. I started my business in November of 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. We build better humans by providing them with the most effective, efficient, and safe exercise on the planet. We do this through the High-Intensity Training (HIT) methodology mostly by leveraging the Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX) machines. They are designed to achieve exercise results in as little as 20 minutes a week by performing not only each rep and set near perfectly but also allowing for the maximum amount of intensity every moment of every session in the safest way possible while giving each client real-time feedback on progress and performance. We deploy a simple success formula: Work + Rest = Growth.

We currently have approximately 125 clients and our average monthly revenue is $20k. We have about an 80% closing ratio and our client retention is over 70%. The intricacies of the business have been very dynamic as I have served more than half of my time operating it while on Active Duty for the Army. I am currently deployed overseas in Kuwait so there have been challenges in growth and scale but we have grown year over year in both memberships and revenue despite having a skeleton crew of dedicated team members and partners in the last two years.


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