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Business Idea: Start A Finance Podcast in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Market Size

Finance podcasts are growing in popularity as people seek to improve their financial literacy. Launching a finance podcast means creating audio content that dives into personal finance, investing, market trends, and economic news.

Your role involves researching finance topics, booking knowledgeable guests, scripting engaging episodes, and mastering the art of audio editing. This venture doesn't require significant upfront capital, just time, dedication, and a few pieces of equipment like a quality microphone and editing software.

A finance podcast can be both informative and profitable. With the right approach, you can attract sponsorships, monetize through ads, or even create premium content for subscribers. It's a demanding but rewarding endeavor, perfect for those passionate about finance and eager to share their knowledge with a curious audience. If you're prepared to commit to consistency and continuous learning, this could be a fulfilling and financially viable business idea.

Examples Of Successful Finance Podcasts

Successful finance podcast businesses and case studies

Millennial Money Man founder Bobby Hoyt and partner Mike Yanda created Laptop Empires, which boasts a seven-figure revenue through their flagship Facebook Side Hustle Course, helping retirees and millennials launch and grow their local Facebook ad agencies.

$150K Monthly Revenue
$5K Startup Costs
Read by 10,317 founders

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