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10 Facebook Ads Consultant Success Stories [2023]

10 Facebook Ads Consultant Success Stories [2023]
Become A Facebook Ads Consultant

Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you run Facebook ads and promote the right products, it will bring you many customers. Knowing how to manage campaigns successfully to obtain the best results is essential.

Facebook ads consultant business is one of the favorite types of new businesses to start. Facebook ads consultant businesses are popping up all over the place. More and more consultants are finding success in this arena.

Starting a Facebook ads consultant business can make you earn an extra passive and predictable income. But the amount of money you can make depends on your niche, ad budget, and other factors.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a Facebook ads consultant:

1. MonetizeMore ($96M/year)

Kean Graham (from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) started MonetizeMore over 13 years ago.

$8M / month
1 founders / 290 employees
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Case Study

I’m the Founder & CEO of MonetizeMore. I started MonetizeMore in 2010 with the goal to build a bootstrapped business that would dramatically increase ad revenues for publishers.

I am a pioneer in ad optimization covering areas like AdSense / Ad Exchange (AdX), Google Ad Manager (GAM), header bidding and ad network optimization. I have always believed in empowering publishers to increase their ad revenues more efficiently and effectively via articles, videos and technology.


2. Advertisemint ($600K/year)

Brian Meert (from Los Angeles) started Advertisemint over 9 years ago.

$50K / month
1 founders / 10 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Brian, and I started the company AdvertiseMint, a digital advertising agency that specializes in Facebook ads. A lot has changed over the last seven years, and my team and I have been very adamant about helping companies provide and receive the best results possible with the ads that they're running on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

With my agency, AdvertiseMint, we’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of clients, helping them grow their results through paid social. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Newegg, Viacom, and Grant Cardone. The agency with one person — me — and has now grown to 25 employees, managing close to $100 million in digital media buys for our clients. Our team has grown, but we are continuing to look for amazing people who want to help our clients get amazing results with digital advertising. We're ranked as the number one Facebook advertising agency on Google, and I'm proud to be the number one Facebook ad consultant on Clarity.fm, as well as the author of The Complete Guide for Facebook Advertising, a best-seller on Amazon.


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4. Adjust Media ($960K/year)

Uri Weinberger (from Toronto, ON, Canada) started *Adjust Media * over 6 years ago.

$80K / month
1 founders / 5 employees

Case Study

I’m Uri, and I like to think of myself as an eCommerce enthusiast. I’ve started four businesses in my short career, two of which were massive failures (learning opportunities) and two that I consider relative successes and still operate today!

By the end of 2021, Adjust Media grossed just under $1M. It feels surreal to say that, but it wouldn’t be possible without our team.


5. Ogline Digital ($1.2M/year)

Dylan Ogline (from Orlando, FL, USA) started Ogline Digital over 6 years ago.

$100K / month
1 founders / 8 employees

Case Study

Hey! My name is Dylan Ogline and I am the founder of Ogline Digital. I run a digital marketing agency that is focused on helping companies scale and grow with proven direct response marketing strategies.


6. Major Impact Media ($342K/year)

Brice Gump (from Barcelona, Spain) started Major Impact Media over 7 years ago.

$28.5K / month
1 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

Hey! I’m Brice Gump, the founder, and CEO of Major Impact Media, a hybrid agency/education company.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies over the years – from business coaches to international personal development gurus – to implement traffic systems that have acquired thousands of customers and generated over $5,800,000 in online sales for their businesses.


7. Social Ktchn ($420K/year)

Camila & Chris Anderson (from Charlotte) started Social Ktchn over 6 years ago.

$35K / month
2 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hi! We’re Chris and Camila, founders of Social Ktchn, a digital marketing company. Our main service is providing Facebook and Instagram paid ads for our clients, who range from small to midsize businesses, in lead gen but mostly in the eCommerce space.

Our annual revenue is typically around $300-$400K, which is quite a jump from the $40K we made in our first year!


8. LeadsBridge ($6M/year)

In 2015, Alessio and Stefan partnered to build LeadsBridge, an all-in-one lead generation platform. After 3 years, they were able to achieve +$150k/month.

$500K / month

Case Study

In 2015, Alessio and Stefan partnered to build LeadsBridge, an all-in-one lead generation platform. After 3 years, they were able to achieve +$150k/month.

9. Mari Smith ($1.32M/year)

Today I have my friend Mari Smith on the show. Mari is often referred to as the Queen of Facebook and is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing.

She’s a Forbes top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and co author of Face…

Mari Smith (from San Diego, CA, USA) started Mari Smith about 16 years ago.

$110K / month
1 founders / 14 employees

Case Study

Mari is frequently referred to as the "Queen of Facebook" and is regarded as one of the leading authorities on Facebook marketing worldwide.

She works with entrepreneurs and freelancers to maximize their social media activity and presence on Facebook and Twitter, producing measurable and beneficial results.

Mari has co-authored books named Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and a Forbes top Social Media Power Influencer. She also wrote The New Relationship Marketing.

She specializes in developing a comprehensive social networking strategy for your company before empowering you to launch the campaign using free and inexpensive methods.


Listen to the full podcast on podcasts.apple.com ➜

10. MuteSix ($76.3M/year)

Today I’m happy to have Moody Nashawaty on the show. Moody is someone who helped me with my Facebook ads for my ecommerce store a while back.

He is the chief strategy officer for MuteSix.com which is a firm that specializes in customer acquisition. They do Facebook ads, Google ads, email market…

Steve Weiss (from Culver City, California, USA) started MuteSix almost 7 years ago.

$6.36M / month
1 founders / 361 employees

Case Study
  • Steve Weiss founded MuteSix, a company that specializes in customer acquisition. They run Facebook ads, Google ads, and email campaigns.
  • This business is a full-funnel performance marketing agency that adds value to DTC brands.
  • The company was founded in 2016 and their team size has increased over the years and they now oversee an advertising budget of $300 million.
  • Compared to other agencies, the MuteSix team of experts scales brands to success more quickly and effectively.


Read the full story on martechseries.com ➜

11. Eight Loop Social ($2.4M/year)

Meet Cat Howell, Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a successful Facebook Ads Agency that has pioneered performance-based ads.

Catherine Howell (from Auckland, New Zealand) started Eight Loop Social over 11 years ago.

$200K / month
1 founders / 5 employees

Case Study
  • Catherine Howell is the founder of the independent social media agency, Eight Loop Social.

  • The brand offers specialized digital growth solutions to e-commerce and corporate brands. They have associated with big companies like Coca-Cola, AMP Insurance, Vodafone, and Midori among many others.

  • Since this brand's establishment in 2011, it has aided over 700 agency owners and independent contractors in generating over $35M for their companies.

  • From social networks to blogging, newsletter creation & distribution, and creative online integrated campaigns they will craft and manage the digital strategies for your brand.


Read the full story on femaledisruptors.com ➜

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13. Wealth Ideas Agency ($1.44M/year)

Chris Anthony (from Benin City, Nigeria) started Wealth Ideas Agency over 7 years ago.

$120K / month
1 founders / 10 employees

Case Study

Hi, Chris Anthony here, am the Founder/ Head Of Growth of Wealth Ideas Agency, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping business owners accelerate growth and scale online fast through a combination of effective digital marketing strategies.


14. Red Track ($1M/year)

Solve tracking and attribution headache.

Vlad Zhovtenko, Stanislau Litvinau and Dmitry Zotov (from Vilnius, Vilnius city municipality, Lithuania) started Red Track over 5 years ago.

$83.3K / month
3 founders / 35 employees

Case Study

RedTrack is a cloud-hosted ad-tracking software that provides data analytics and campaign optimization solutions. Vladyslav Zhovtenko is the executive founder and CEO of RedTrack. Stanislau Litvinau and Dmitry Zotov are non-executive co-founders.

The company’s CEO Zhovtenko has been in digital marketing since 2000. He gains his MA in sociology from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2003. Later on, he focused on technology/SaaS companies since 2004 and ad tech since 2012.

RedTrack has designed and developed a platform that allows affiliate marketers and media buyers to tackle complex performance tracking and data using a single, agile tool that scales and adapts as they grow.

It helps its customers consolidate data from their media buying activities and provides real-time notifications and campaign optimization rules based on granular data. These features allow the customers to turn insights into actions.

This Lithuanian adtech company had raised $500,000 as funding. The funding was brought by Iron Wolf Capital, a seed-stage VC fund based in Vilnius and London, and Genesis Investments, a Ukrainian VC fund.

Interesting Facts About RedTrack:

  • Has over 500 customers, each paying an average of $200 per month.
  • RedTrack has grown its revenue to an average of $75K per month.
  • Provides real-time data, alerts, and automation to maximize return on ad spend
  • No third-party cookies are required for this service.
  • Focuses on creating an exceptional user experience through product performance, support services, and pricing.
  • It offers a subscription-based pricing model.


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