9 Diy And Crafts Blog Success Stories [2023]

9 Diy And Crafts Blog Success Stories [2023]
Start A Diy And Crafts Blog

Do you have the skill to make cool stuff? You can start a cool crafts and DIY blog today.

A crafts and DIY blog entertains and educates its audience on how to create nice artwork. For instance, you can teach how to create nail art, sewing, paper craft, etc.

Are you interested in starting a CIY and craft blog? To start, choose a niche and come up with cool videos illustrating different artistic techniques. Even if you do not have the skills, you can engage talented artists and record a video illustrating how to do the craft.

You can then post the video on your blog or your Instagram page. To make money through DIY and crafts blogs, you can start a subscription service, partner with promoters, or through adverts on your page.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a DIY and crafts blog:

1. The Crafty Gentleman ($14.4K/year)

Mike Aspinall (from Nottingham) started The Crafty Gentleman about 9 years ago.

$1.2K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hi there! I’m Mike – also known as The Crafty Gentleman. I run a DIY and craft blog from my home in the UK. Through my blog, I share simple craft tutorials you can make yourself at home – ranging from sewing to woodwork, and everything in between! My simple goal is to make crafting accessible to everyone.

As well as running my website, I also make regular appearances on national television, and at craft events across the UK and internationally. I was recently named the 5th most popular DIY blogger in the UK, and my work has been featured across The BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, The Telegraph, NBC, and more. Despite these successes, it’s still a ‘pinch me’ feeling that I get to make money from my hobby!


2. RedTedArt ($264K/year)

Margarita Woodley (from London) started RedTedArt about 13 years ago.

$22K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hi, I am Maggy Woodley, founder of Red Ted Art - a crafts blog to inspire kids, parents, teachers, and carers to get crafty! I also have a corresponding Youtube channel - with super duper easy crafts and steps that kids can follow. The website aims to make crafting “accessible”, easy and fun - with great results. This means, that I (mostly) use everyday craft materials and make sure that the projects shared follow simple steps that most will find doable. The aim is to “teach”, so children can take what they have learned and create their own versions.

What is great about blogging and Youtube channels, is that it is a relatively low-cost business to run - overheads can easily be managed, but the rewards can be significant. Having said that, it relies on the whim of the internet, and what is highly successful one day, could be none existent the next. Manage your income carefully and do save for the future.


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4. Seph Crafts ($2.4K/year)

Sephora Thelismon (from Cameron, NC, USA) started Seph Crafts over 2 years ago.

$200 / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

My name is Sephora. I am the owner of Seph Crafts. I started my company as a hobby about two years ago and have since transitioned to a full-time business owner during the pandemic.

Initially, it was easy for me to focus only on the bottom line. But the reviews from my clients were priceless and rewarding. I focus more on the quality and client experience. My passion and thoughtfulness show in every planner created. So, for me, it feels good knowing that Seph Crafts planners are great for increasing productivity in someone's everyday life.


5. Made Urban ($60K/year)

Erin Mooney (from Edmonton) started Made Urban almost 11 years ago.

$5K / month
2 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

My name is Erin Mooney and I run MadeUrban, a blog for small business owners selling handmade products. My audience sells their crafts through craft shows, Etsy, a website, and/or retailers. I provide them with advice for each step they must take along the way. And I like to do so in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow way, with outside-the-box concepts they haven’t already read about on hundreds of other blogs.

As events start to open back up in 2021, and with a slight pivot to my strategy, I’m almost back to what my average monthly revenue was pre-Covid, and I currently earn between $5000 - $8000 per month.


6. Grandmas House DIY ($24K/year)

Tarah Wolff (from Park Rapids, MN, USA) started Grandmas House DIY over 7 years ago.

$2K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

My name is Tarah Wolff and I am the founder of the blog called Grandma's House DIY. We give inspiration and motivation for Do It Yourself projects outside and inside the home. Our readership follows us as we renovate and restore the grounds inside and around our 100-year-old farmhouse and, of course, of all the shenanigans we get up to along the way!

We prove every day that if we can do it, so can our readers! With total transparency on our failures and how we fix the places we “mess” up our readers really seem to appreciate one of our favorites slogans of, “Everything is fixable!” In a social media world of “perfect,” our candid blog is a breath of fresh air. Currently, our website is bringing in around $2,000 a month.


7. Prime Publishing LLC ($7.2M/year)

Stuart Hochwert (from Northbrook, IL, USA) started Prime Publishing LLC about 14 years ago.

$600K / month
1 founders / 46 employees

Case Study

Hello, my name is Stuart Hochwert and I’m the founder of Prime Publishing LLC. We operate 60+ cooking and crafting websites, communities, and content newsletters, including the popular websites FaveCrafts.com, MrFood.com, and AllFreeCrochet.com.

Our decision about 6 years ago was to create premium content that is generally without advertising. Premium content is supported by the consumer through circulation revenue and has been growing quickly. While it does take longer to scale, we are fortunate to have diversified our revenue stream. Today more than 33% of our revenue is premium content.


8. Jennifer Maker ($396K/year)

Are you struggling to get traction with your blog? Are you concerned your niche is too competitive or you’re starting too late? If so, you’re going to come away from this episode with loads of actionable tips to put those questions to the side. “I have learned, it is never literally too late to e…

Jennifer Marx (from Ann Arbor, MI, USA) started Jennifer Maker almost 6 years ago.

$33K / month
1 founders / employees

Case Study
  • Jennifer Marx is a DIY craft designer and blogger as well as the founder of Jennifer Maker.
  • In a matter of years, she transformed her DIY/crafting website from a side-hustle blog that earned $33/month to one that now earns more than six figures per month.
  • She has a mission to inspire others to make crafts and decorate their home. You can learn crafting from her videos or blogs.
  • She uses Pinterest & Facebook to get exposure for her business. Now, she's mastering YouTube and already has an audience of more than 225k subscribers!


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