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Business Idea: Become A Craft Business Blogger in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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The craft industry is becoming more popular than ever before. More people are expressing their love and affection for the craft. Besides, more people are showing their interest in starting a craft-related business.

If you have an affection for crafts, consider starting a craft blog.

A craft blog can cover anything from art and craft industry trends to popular industry news. Just make sure your craft blog focuses on an interesting niche. Thus, start with identifying a niche and studying what they love about the craft.

Focus on developing relevant content for your blog, and post the content regularly.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do craft business bloggers make?

Examples Of Successful Craft Business Bloggers

Successful craft business blogger businesses and case studies

Stuart Hochwert grew his company Prime Publishing LLC to generate over 30 million monthly page views and $7 million in annual revenue by creating free, advertising-supported cooking and crafting websites and premium, ad-free digital products.

$600K Monthly Revenue
$650K Startup Costs
Read by 4,490 founders

Discover how Maggy Woodley built Red Ted Art, a crafts blog that now generates $22k per month through various revenue streams, including automated adverts, sponsored projects, and publishing books, all while keeping the projects accessible and easy to replicate.

$22K Monthly Revenue
Read by 5,024 founders

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