The 10 Best App Tools For Small Business [2024]

Updated: January 20th, 2022

App is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular app tools.

Here they are:

1. Pixel Cat

Add a Facebook Pixel to your site in a matter of minutes.

Additional details about Pixel Cat:

Businesses using Pixel Cat:

2. Gravity Forms

WordPress forms tool.

Additional details about Gravity Forms:

Businesses using Gravity Forms:

27 successful businesses are using Gravity Forms ➜

3. Zipify

Get more post-purchase upsells as customers.

More About Zipify

Landing page builder for Shopify stores.

Additional details about Zipify:

Businesses using Zipify:

4. WP Forms

Our easy drag & drop WordPress form builder allows you to create contact forms, online surveys, donation forms, order forms and other WordPress forms in just a few minutes without writing any code.

Additional details about WP Forms:

Businesses using WP Forms:

23 successful businesses are using WP Forms ➜

5. Flexify

Sync your store with your Facebook product catalog.

Additional details about Flexify:

Businesses using Flexify:

6. Pre-order Now

Manage pre-orders and out of stock products.

Additional details about Pre-order Now:

Businesses using Pre-order Now:

7. Onshape

A computer-aided design software system, delivered over the Internet via a Software as a Service model.

Additional details about Onshape:

Businesses using Onshape:

8. FacetWP

Advanced filtering and faceted search for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Additional details about FacetWP:

Businesses using FacetWP:

9. Karafun

The best online karaoke. Over 35000 karaoke songs, with studio quality, at home or on the go. Regular updates.

Additional details about Karafun:

Businesses using Karafun:

10. SimplyCost

Add cost price to your Shopify store.

Additional details about SimplyCost:

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