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Updated: October 8th, 2022


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You can run a successful AMA session on social media platforms

What Is Ask Me Anything Session?

Ask me anything event is where an entrepreneur opens the floor to any questions from the target audience. Abbreviated as AMA, the event covers personal and work-related questions.

You can run a successful AMA session via different platforms including social media. AMA sessions help the audience to know the entrepreneur and connect with them at a personal level.

A strategically organized AMA session can be a great platform to build brand awareness, trust, and credibility.

AMA Key Takeaways

  • The audience looks at you as the subject matter expert
  • Make sure you find that internal belief about being the subject matter expert
  • Answer questions honestly and clearly.
  • People who aren’t in the same industry need basic education. Don’t ignore them!

How Do AMA Events Work?

AMA sessions are a way that business leaders seek to bridge the knowledge and social gap between themselves and their target customers.

Ideally, the AMA sessions let the leaders demonstrate their humanity and create an opportunity for their customers to get to know them.

The AMA sessions serve these and more functions:

  • Engage with the audience in a personal and professional manner
  • Promote products
  • Educate target customers on feature updates
  • Connect with the users on a real-time

AMA sessions can be a breath of fresh air from the ordinary, scripted content your audience is used to. In fact, an AMA session is a great social media amplification strategy.

Examples of AMA Sessions To Emulate

Here are cool AMA sessions to inspire you.

1. How Nestlé USA Used AMA Sessions To Engage Their Audience

The CEO of Nestle USA Steve Presley, is our first example of a business leader who understands the importance of AMA sessions.

Steve took on some provocative questions about his personal life and career. Apart from discussing his personal and career, Steve took the opportunity to talk to his audience about the company.

Apart from the Nestle CEO, other employees at Nestle have embraced the AMA sessions not only as a way of engaging their audience but also to market and talk about their company's products.

Watch more Nestle AMA sessions.

2. Fabien Pinckaers the Founder And CEO At Odoo

Fabien Pinckaers the founder and CEO of Odoo, is another business leader who embraces AMA sessions to connect with the target audience and talk about the company's products.

Fabien talks about his approach to business, the company's culture, and even the internal processes.

The AMA session was a perfect opportunity for the product users to learn from the business leader.

How To Plan A Successful AMA Event

  • Choose a Topic
  • Decide who will oversee the AMA session
  • Schedule the AMA session at a time you know the audience is active and online
  • Decide how you will take the questions
    • Field questions live
    • Allow your audience to submit questions ahead of time
  • Brainstorm what issues might come up and have a plan to handle the questions
  • Decide on the social media channels and send a reminder to everyone
  • On the day of the AMA, an event open the chat room and welcome everyone
  • Once the AMA is finished, download the transcript and share it with relevant stakeholders
  • Edit the transcript and share it as a readable Q&A, then publish it to the internet

Tools You Can Use To Create a Successful AMA Session

You can use various AMA tools to maximize AMAs return on investment.

  • Reddit: A network of communities based on people's interests
  • Quora: A platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.
  • YouTube Live: Easy way for AMA organizers to reach their community in real-time and on Live video
  • Instagram: Share live broadcasts on the Instagram app


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