Guide On How To Create Content On YouTube

Guide On How To Create Content On YouTube

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Video production is more cost-effective than ever — you can shoot in high-quality, 4K video with your smartphone.

What Is YouTube Video Content?

YouTube video content refers to a content marketing strategy that uses moving visual images created to engage your audience while marketing your product or services. Video content effectively increases engagement on your digital and social channels.

Therefore, YouTube provides a good platform where brands can create video content meant to educate consumers and customers and to increase the reach of their social content.

In this post, we tell you why creating content on YouTube is helpful to your brand marketing efforts. Keep reading for more insights on YouTube video content creation, and examples of brands that attained success through an effective YouTube marketing strategy.

Youtube Video Content Key Takeaways

  • Eight out of ten people say video ads are more relevant to them than any other advertising.
  • Video marketing not only helps marketers gain the trust of potential customers but also generates brand awareness.
  • More than half of all marketers (55%) use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy.
  • Great looking at YouTube videos do not have to be expensive.
  • Video has the potential to transform how you market, sell and communicate within every business area.

How-To YouTube Video Content Works

Content creators upload valuable video content on YouTube with an aim of promoting a business or its products on the YouTube platform.

There are numerous marketing opportunities on YouTube especially if your audience is on the platform and your competition is not.

To be successful on YouTube, you have to create videos regularly and target relevant audiences. Here are some YouTube Video content ideas for your inspiration.

  • Introductory video: Make a video introducing yourself, your organization, and your team
  • Vlogging: Just like blog writing, vlogging aims at creating marketing, educational and informative videos.
  • Create Explainer Videos: Explainer video introduces a product, service, or company
  • Tour Video: Lets YouTube audience peek behind the scenes, where you can show your factory, home, office, a day at work, or even neighborhood.
  • DIY videos: these are handy videos where brands share ideas with their YouTube audience.
  • How-to tutorial: These are educative videos aiming at explaining to the viewers how they can achieve different ideas.
  • Product tutorials: You can explain your own product to the YouTube audience in an engaging and entertaining manner.
  • Create Infographic Videos: engaging and visually appealing content displaying facts and statistics that could be difficult to understand.
  • Thought leader interviews: Interview a thought leader in your industry and publish the video on your channel
  • YouTube live events: Go live on YouTube

Best Practices for Creating Killer YouTube Video Content

According to statistics, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Your YouTube video content could be one of the videos watched on YouTube!

Here are important ideas to bear in mind when creating YouTube video content.

  1. To gain views, your YouTube video should be informative and entertaining
  2. To maximize YouTube video watch time, upload high-quality content
  3. Optimize your YouTube video content around popular keywords
  4. Promote YouTube video content on and off the platform
  5. To catch people’s attention, include informative and short titles
  6. Focus on link building so that your video will rank on search
  7. Optimize your YouTube video content for mobile viewing
  8. Include a call to action

Examples of Brands Using YouTube Video Content to Market Effectively

Here are YouTube video content strategies you can gain inspiration from.

1. How Highly-Watchable YouTube Tutorial Videos Helped Luxy Hair Gain over 3,000,000 subscribers

Luxy hair is the leading eCommerce hair extension Brand, and this is not by accident.

Producing high-quality video content has always been at the core of Luxy Hairs YouTube marketing strategy.

Professional "how-to" videos like the one below, helped the brand to grow its subscriber base to over 3 million YouTube users.

Such a huge following has played a critical role in making the company a top eCommerce hair extension brand.

You too can create a YouTube channel focusing on growing brand awareness, and increasing product sales.

Simply focus on coming up with professional How-to videos, like Luxy Hair dis. that way, you can grow your YouTube subscription base and gain a huge market.

2. How Nike Created a YouTube Series To Complement YouTube Marketing Strategy

Nike is the leading seller of sporting merchandise. One of its marketing strategies has been creating an engaging and entertaining Youtube content strategy.

In 2016, Nike created a YouTube series Margot vs. Lily, featuring two sisters and its Nike merchandise like shoes, workout gear, and Nike+ technology.

The compelling story by Nike is a fun watch, that earned over 80 million views on YouTube alone. The entertaining series helped to increase downloads of the Nike+ Run app as well as increased Nikes in-store sales.

This example shows that you do not have to focus on how to videos alone. Even an entertaining series revolving around your products can compel your target prospects to purchase your merchandise.

How to Get Started On YouTube

Here are simple steps to get you started on YouTube

  1. Start with a plan
  2. Get the right video production equipment
  3. Create a YouTube channel
  4. Create a script and write the lines
  5. Decide on filming location
  6. Create compelling video content
  7. Edit the video (See suggested video editing tools below)
  8. Optimize your titles, tags, and video description
  9. Make sure you are using external links
  10. Use a customized and catch thumbnail image to attract attention

Top YouTube Video Editing Tools

Here is an overview of some of the video editing tools for your use:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Across-platform software packed with powerful features and flexible collaboration tools
  • Final Cut Pro: A subscription-free software for editing videos for YouTube. Available on Apple devices only
  • Pinnacle Studio 24: A video editing tool with pro-caliber tools to transform your creative vision into cinema-grade productions.
  • CyberLink Power Director 365: A mid-market video editing software is available for a very affordable subscription

Adobe Premiere Pro

Across-platform software packed with powerful features and flexible collaboration tools

Businesses using Adobe Premiere Pro:

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Final Cut Pro X

Is a professional non-linear video editing application published by Apple Inc. as part of their Pro Apps family of software programs.

Businesses using Final Cut Pro X:

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Pinnacle Studio 24

A video editing tool with pro-caliber tools to transform your creative vision into cinema-grade productions

Get Pinnacle Studio 24 ➜

A mid-market video editing software is available for a very affordable subscription

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