Ways To Increase Your Positive Yelp Reviews

Ways To Increase Your Positive Yelp Reviews

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Why Yelp Reviews?

Yelp is a social networking site that lets users postreviews and rate businesses. Positive Yelp reviews provide valuable input when it comes to lead generation.

According to Customer reviews data, 97% of people make a purchase after visiting Yelp. Besides, 80% of consumers visiting Yelp share businesses they find with other people.

Therefore, positive Yelp reviews can lead to greater social proof needed to inspire consumer confidence and foster customer loyalty.

Yelp Reviews Key Takeaways

  • If you want to get more Yelp reviews, authenticity is key.
  • Leverage Yelp Deals to get more customers and attract them to leaving a review of your business
  • Read and respond to both positive and negative yelp reviews
  • Claim your Yelp business page and check your profile regularly to ensure the information posted is accurate

Understanding How Yelp Reviews Work

Yelp provides a one-stop local platform for consumers to discover, connect and transact with local businesses of all sizes.
The platform provides visitors access to unmatched local business information, photos, and authentic review content. Yelp reviews are helpful in attracting new customers to the business.

Therefore, Yelp is a cost-effective advertising platform for local businesses. It is widely accepted in the US as an effective way to search and find local businesses.

Once a business has a critical mass of positive reviews, it can appear in more relevant search results, attracting new business opportunities.

Real-World Examples of Brands With Positive Yelp Reputation

1.eBoost Consulting

eBoost Consulting is a top-rated, award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and Amazon Ads management.


The company has incorporated Yelp reviews as part of its strategy to build a positive brand reputation. Ensuring positive reviews on Yelp has helped the business to establish a positive reputation.

To attract business from potential customers, the company has ensured a complete profile that includes providing contact information so that potential customers can call and request services.


ROAMERICA, an RV rental business in Hood River, Oregon, has maintained a positive reputation on Yelp.


The business owner has ensured a complete profile on Yelp, which is key to ensuring potential customers can discover the business. Including business, information helps Yelp to list the business whenever customers search online.

Ways To Increase Your Positive Yelp Reviews

  • Ensure excellent services or products
  • Create an excellent customer service
  • Include "Go check us out on Yelp" to create awareness for your consumers
  • Embed positive Yelp reviews on your website
  • Share favorite reviews on social media
  • Do not violate Yelp Terms and conditions

Have you registered and claimed your business on Yelp? If not, create a Yelp account and practice the tips listed above to get positive reviews.


User reviews and recommendations of best restaurants, shopping, nightlife, food, entertainment, things to do, services and more.

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