How To Create A Weekly Email Newsletter For Your Brand [2022]

How To Create A Weekly Email Newsletter For Your Brand [2022]

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What Is An Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is a type of email informing your audience of the latest news, product updates, or important tips to get more value. The core use of email newsletters is to drive brand awareness and foster customer engagement.

Therefore, email newsletters are an important component of effective email marketing and branding. Ignoring email newsletters can restrict brand growth. Email newsletters can be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Backed by a strong strategy, email newsletters can deliver stable return on investment (ROI) as well as other value-add benefits.

Email Newsletter Key Takeaways

  • A shorter and more frequent delivery schedule is more desirable [1]
  • The best email newsletters adopt a conversational tone to draw readers in
  • Email newsletters focused on content draw more readership.
  • Every email newsletter needs a clear call to action.
  • An attractive email newsletter design encourages readership and support.

Understanding How Email Newsletters Work

Email newsletters are part of content marketing efforts.

The newsletters share relevant and valuable information with the customers, prospects, and email subscribers.

Therefore, an email newsletter gives you direct access to the audience’s inbox. This allows the customer to share engaging content, promote sales, and increase website traffic .

Sending email newsletters offers you the following benefits:

  • Generates regular website traffic
  • Saves you money compared to other online marketing tools
  • Advanced and easy performance tracking
  • Links to other marketing tools easily and efficiently

Marketers can track newsletter deliverability and depending on the results, make adjustments to lead to more wins.

Real World Examples Of Brands Using email Newsletter As Part of Their Content Marketing Efforts

Here are cool examples of successful email newsletter campaigns

1. How Away Travel Sends Email Newsletters to Highlight Product Features

Away sends a newsletter to their email list that showcases something new about their product.

The goal of this newsletter is to put the focus on a new offering, deal, or partnership with the hope of generating some sales.

Their newsletters are always design-forward and the content is almost always user-generated - which adds a really nice sense of community.


They do an amazing job at making their product look sleek and also providing enough CTA's to visit their site and make a purchase.

2. FandangoNow uses Email Newsletter As Part of their Customer Retention Strategy

FandangoNow, is a movie streaming application built to allow users to keep a collection of purchased and rented movies. The company uses email newsletters as part of its customer retention strategy.

Despite being a graphic intense newsletter, the feature-rich email newsletter is easy to digest and drives the target customer into taking the right action.

How To Design A Successful Email Newsletter

  • Use the right tool to design an email newsletter (see examples below)
  • Figure out the newsletter objective and define the target audience
  • Define the newsletter format depending on
    • Which email clients to support
    • Web/mobile browser support
    • Supported mobile devices
    • The mobile and desktop you want email to appear
  • Keep the email campaign focused
  • Personalize the email newsletters
  • Add catchy images to keep readers interested
  • Keep an eye on analytics for clues as to what is working and what is not

The Best Tools For Designing Email Newsletters

  1. Klaviyo
  2. HubSpot's Email Newsletter Tool: Drag-and-drop email editor so you can easily create a polished email newsletter
  3. Constant Contact: Smart email editor to customize and design a great-looking newsletter
  4. Moosend: A well-rounded email marketing newsletter tool that requires no technical skill whatsoever.
  5. SendInBlue Features an expansive template gallery that gives you the tools you need to create stunning emails


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